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George Washington Wilson

Queen Mary's Bath House

View from the road - from Abbeyhill

Photograph of Queen Mary's Bath House  -  by George Washington Wilson

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ray Norman


Queen Mary's Bath House


This building is known as Queen Mary's Bath House, though there is some doubt as to whether it was ever used as such.  The building lies on the western boundary of the grounds of Holyrood Palace and Abbey, close to the foot of the Royal Mile.

The building looks very much the same today as it did when GW Wilson took this photograph in the 19th century.  The photo has a number (1522) so with a little research it may be possible to discover when this photo was taken.


Here we zoom-in to see another photograph of the bath house.  I don't know when this one was taken.  It appears to have survived in better condition than the photo at the top of this page, but the bath house looks very similar in both photos.

Queen Mary's Bath House  -  Photo by George Washington Wilson


Please click here to see an engraving of Queen Mary's Bath House



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