Stereoscopic Cards  

List of Photographers/Publishers

Yellow background denotes an Edinburgh photographer or publisher.

Green background denotes  photographer or publisher from elsewhere

-  Albemable Series

I have seen just one view from this series.  The quality of the print is fairly poor and it has been mounted a little squint.  The back of the card is blank and no publisher's address is given on the card.

Edinburgh, Holyrood Palace

-  American & International Stereoscopic View Co

See Edinburgh City Library Collection in Edinburgh Room 

Begbie, Thomas Vernon 

See Edinburgh City Library Collection in Edinburgh Room, and City Art Centre Collection, with copies held at the Royal Commission for Ancient & Historic Monuments in Scotland.

Many views of old Edinburgh and Leith -  c.1857-60

-  Berry, Kelley & Chadwick

The first view below was published in 1906.  I don't know the dates of the others.

Edinburg (sic) Castle

Greyfriars' Churchyard and Edinburg (sic) Castle

The Great Forth Bridge

The "Best" Series

Nelson's Monument

Bierstadt Publisher  Niagara Falls, NY, USA

These views were sold only by Underwood & Underwood

Princes Street

Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket

Burns, Archibald  Edinburgh

- Views of Edinburgh and Its Neighbourhood Series   and other views

These cards have two different styles of back.  I believe that those with the vertical white back and elaborate logo were probably published earlier, and that those with the blue/mauve horizontal back were probably published later.

Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

Edinburgh Castle from Calton Hill

Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket

Edinburgh Castle from the Johnston Terrace

Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens

Edinburgh from the Castle

Holyrood Abbey

Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace fountain

Holyrood Palace, Queen Mary's Bedroom

John Knox House (2)

Moray House in Canongate

St Giles' Cathedral? (interior)

St Mary's Cathedra

Scott Monument

Collection SL  France

How many stereo cards did this company produce?  The one below is part of their 'England & Scotland' series.  It is numbered 2208 in ink on the back

Dugald Stewart Monument, Calton Hill

Douglas Photo Edinburgh 

- Views of Edinburgh series  Full description on the back of two.  

Rail Jail and Calton Hill

Donaldson's Hospital

Castle from Johnston Terrace

Edinburgh Castle

Duthie, Andrew  Glasgow

Full description on the back

Donaldson's Hospital

John Donaldson Edward Edinburgh 

John Donaldson Edward had studios in Edinburgh from 1885 until 1911.  I have seen copies of three of his stereo views.  All are of Stow in the Scottish Borders.

Stow - A group, including John Donaldson Edward and his daughter

Stow - View from the hill

Stow - Wooden bridge

-  Excelsior Stereoscopic Tours  (c) 1897 ME Wright

Forth Bridge

Edinburgh Castle

Holyrood Palace (same view on both light-yellow and grey mounts))

-  Fine Art Photographers' Publishing Co  London

Princes Street Gardens

Keystone View Company USA  (c) Underwood & Underwood

The Keystone View Co became the largest publisher of stereo views in the world, They provided full descriptions of their views  on the back of the cards.

Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle

Forth Bridge and Pipers

Holyrood Palace

-  Kilburn Bros Littleton, NH, USA  Founded 1865: became BW Kilburn 1876

Princes Street (2)

Kilburn, BW Littleton, NH, USA  Formerly Kilburn Bros, until 1876

All the BW Kilburn cards below are (c) 1891 (except for the first which gives no copyright date.)

Bank of Scotland

Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge and Ferry

Princes Street Gardens and Scott Monument

Royal Botanic Gardens

Waverley Bridge

Lennie  Edinburgh

Lennie (below) appear to have sold cards produced by others.  They have applied their blind stamp 'Lennie, 46 Princes Street, Edinburgh' to the borders of many cards.  For a few of these the photographer is named.  For most, the photogrpaher remains anonymous.

1.  Full description on back

Arthur's Seat from Duddingston Loch

Edinburgh from Calton Hill

Holyrood Palace

John Knox House

Mary of Guise's House

Old Town from Princes Street

St. Bernard's Well

2.  Title but no description on back

Arthur's Seat from Old Dalkeith Road

St Paul's Chapel, York Place

Martyr's Tomb

Royal Academy and Castle from Princes Street Gardens

Scott Monument

Canongate Tolbooth

3.  No description on back

British Linen Company Bank at St Andrew Square

Castle from Grassmarket

4.  Square photos with arched tops

Portrait of The Rev Glove

5.  Both  the views below are printed on translucent tissue paper, with many very  small cut-outs to simulate lights in the windows

Edinburgh Castle from Grassmarket

Holyrood Palace & Chapel

L L  Paris   

- England & Scotland Series  Brief description on front in French

Holyrood Palace interior

McGlashon  Edinburgh 

- McGlashon's Scottish Stereotypes   Description on back

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Old Town from Burns' Monument

Mary of Guise's House

Holyrood Abbey and Palace

Holyrood Abbey

North Side of Abbey of Holyrood

East Window of Abbey of Holyrood

-  Moffat, J  19 Princes Street, Edinburgh

See Edinburgh City Library Collection in Edinburgh Room

Scott Monument

Heriot's Hospital]

-  NPG  The NPG monogram appears in a small circle on the corner of the photo.

The description on front of this view is  'Edinburgh Castle Scotts-Monument Prinzess-Street' (odd spelling, and there is no sign of any castle in the pictures!)  The description on back, in English, Italian and French is: 'England - Edinburgh - Scotts Monument' !

Princes Street - looking east towards the Scott Monument

Patterson, Walter Greenoak  Edinburgh

In addition to the stereo views of Edinburgh by W G Patterson, I have one of his stereo views of Abbotsford from the river Tweed.

Assembly Hall from the Castle Esplanade

Canongate Tolbooth

Holyrood Palace and Chapel from Calton Hill

Royal Academy from Princes Street Gardens

-  Rotary Photo EC

I have seen only one stereo view from this publisher.  It is a view of Princes Street, taken probably in the early-1900s.

-  Scott, Henry

Henry Scott were Plain & Fancy Stationers.  Their name appears on the back of several cards. Henry Scott appears  to have been a seller, rather than a photographer or publisher, of stereoscopic cards.

Strohmeyer & Wyman

Forth Rail Bridge (2)

Princes Street

St Giles Church - inside

Sutherland & Faithful  Edinburgh

I have seen just one stereo view by this publisher - published in their series, 'Ideal Stereoscopic Tours'.  It was of shipping, but I don't know the location.

Underwood & Underwood  New York, London, Toronto - Canada, Ottawa - Kansas

Underwood & Underwood were, at one time, the largest publishers of stereo views in the world.


1.  These views have a brief description on the front: 

Castle from Grassmarket

Dean Bridge

Edinburgh Castle and Gordon Highlanders

Holyrood Palace Fountain

John Knox House

National Gallery - from The Mound

Princes Street

Princes Street - from Scott Monument

Princes Street - from the Royal Institution, looking east

Princes Street - from North British Hotel

North British Hotel  - from Scott Monument

2.  All (c) 1896, Strohmeyer & Wyman Publishers, New York

Princes Street

'Looking through the Great Forth Bridge'

'Scotland's Pride - The Great Forth Bridge and Highland Kilt'

-  United Photographic Co  New York

- The "Eureka" Stereograph series

Edinburgh Castle

Universal Stereoscopic View Co

- Stereoscopic Gems of American and Foreign Scenery

National Monument

John Knox House

Valentine, James Dundee

- Scottish Scenery series

Edinburgh Castle - from Esplanade

Princes Street- looking west to the National Galleries

Royal Institution and Scott Monument

Waverley Series

John Knox House

St Mary's Cathedral - Altar

Statue Gallery

Wellington Statue

Wilson, George Washington  Aberdeen

Assembly Hall - from Princes Street - No. 112

Calton Hill from North Bridge- No. 109 (two different views)

Edinburgh - from Calton Hill- No. 107

Edinburgh Castle - from the Grassmarket - No. 616

Edinburgh Castle - from Princes Street - No. 111

Edinburgh Old Town - from Calton Hill - No. 108

Edinburgh Old Town - from Princes Street

Holyrood Palace - No number

Holyrood Palace - No. 90

Holyrood Chapel Interior- No. 87

Holyrood Chapel Interior - No. 88

Holyrood Palace from Queen's Park - No. 91

Holyrood Palace statue

Princes Street from Calton Hill - No. 107

Queen's Park - St Anthony's Chapel - No. 527

Scott Monument - No number

Scott Monument - No. 114A (two different views)

Waverley Bridge and Old Town from Princes Street

Wilson's Statue - No. 602

Unidentified Photographers

- Alhambra Series

Holyrood Palace  -  No 1019

- Edinburgh and its Environs in the Stereoscope Series

Descriptions on backs (2) / fronts (2) ,  Lennie stamp (1), domed top (2)
All are mounted on similar card - brown ( back) / brown ( front)

Arthur's Seat - from Old Dalkeith Road

Castle - from Nelson Monument

Donaldson's Hospital

Edinburgh Castle

George Street

Holyrood Palace entrance

St Paul's Chapel in York Place

- The Waverly Series

St Mary's Cathedral altar 

- [Un-named Series]

Several  different un-named series mounted on a variety of cards,  yellow, orange, green, blue, beige, white and grey;  the backs containing full descriptions, brief descriptions or no descriptions.

Burns Monument (2)

Canongate Tolbooth

Donaldson's Hospital

Edinburgh Castle from the Vennel

Fountain at Abbey of Holyrood

Greyfriars' Churchyard - Martyr's Tomb (2)

Heriot's Hospital and Grassmarket from Castle

High School

Holyrood Abbey (2)

Holyrood Abbey -  West Entrance

Holyrood Abbey and Palace - from Calton Hill (2)

Holyrood Abbey and Palace - from Regent Road

Holyrood Chapel (2)

Holyrood Palace - Queen Mary's Bedroom

Holyrood Palace - Sundial

John Knox House

National Gallery

National Galleries and Free Church of Scotland

Nelson Monument

Portobello Castle

Portobello Castle Sundial

Princes Street - from Calton Hill (incorrectly labelled as Edinburgh from the Castle)

Register Office in Princes Street

Royal Bank of Scotland in St Andrew Square - statue

Royal Institution

Royal Observatory

St Bernard's Well

St Giles Cathedral

St Giles Cathedral Tower

Scott Monument



Stereo Views

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