Stereo Views

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Underwood & Underwood

Views around 1900

Underwood & Underwood, Publishers, New York, London, Toronto-Canada, Ottawa-Kansas produced many sets of stereo cards around 1900.

Their views were high quality photographs, often including figures or crowds amongst the city scenes (in contrast to the stereo-views of the mid-nineteenth century which required long exposures, so tended to show buildings but no figures)

Largest in the World

Underwood & Underwood were active, producing stereo views from 1882 until 1920, later continuing as a news service. 

At one time, they were the largest publisher of stereo views in the world, producing 10 million stereo views and 300,000 viewers in 1900.

Underwood & Underwood purchased the printing works of Strohmeyer & Wyman, but were themselves taken over by Keystone View Co, who acquired the stock of Underwood & Underwood negatives.

Stereo Views - An illustrated History and Price Guide: John Waldsmith - 2nd edition 2002  [ISBN 0 87349 401 1]

Views from around the World

I have views of India, Venice, Switzerland, Yosemite and Scotland.

The Scottish views are of Ayr, Aberdeen,  Edinburgh, Inverness, Isle of Iona and the Scottish Borders, Stirling, Thurso and the Trossachs.

Views of Edinburgh

Please click below to see some of the  Edinburgh views.

Underwood & Underwood  -  Stereo View of Princes Street, looking to the west from Waverley towards the Scot Monument

My Underwood & Underwood views fall into one of four categories.  Perhaps this may help to date the cards, most of which appear to me to have been produced around 1900.  I have:

a)  Dark brown mount, with description of the scene on the back. 
The description in black on the dark muddy-brown card can be difficult to read, so I have lightened the background on the reproductions on this site.

b)  Dark brown mount, without description on the back. 
I have only one example like this

c)  Light beige mount, with description on the back.

d)  Light beige mount, without description on the back.


Stereo Views

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