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Photographs and Albums

Photographs and Albums

Many albums of photographs by George Washington Wilson of Aberdeen and James Valentine of Dundee have survived. 

Some of these albums may have been created through purchasing individual photos then mounting them.  Some albums have a collection of photos from each of these photographers.

Other albums would have been sold complete with photos, as can be seen from the following advert.


Details from GWW Catalogue

Roger Taylor (who wrote a biography of GWW several years ago) has commented that the company sold a whole range of photograph items, ranging from single photographs (Stereo to Imperial) to albums and photographic fancy goods. These seemed to have increased exponentially with each passing decade.

Roger also provided details of the following description of  "Albums of Views in England and Scotland" which appeared in the 1896 GWW catalogue.  This was one of the last catalogues produced by GWW's company:

"We have a large stock of Albums of all sorts an sizes in various bindings - Cloth, Leather, French Morocco, Russian &c - and selections of our views can be made up to any size, price or pattern....The price for the Album filled, in these cases, is little more than that of the views alone."

Thirteen album types are specified and these range from

"Album, oblong, cloth, with 12 Cabinet views - 10/6" to the top of the range "Album, oblong, Full Morocco, gilt edges, with 120 Imperial Views, or an equivalent selection of Imperials and Cabinets - a magnificent Album suitable for presentation - 12/12/0" 

Any photograph could be bought singly, as a scrap, or mounted and these were widely available throughout Britain, or direct from the company.

With acknowledgement to Roger Taylor for providing the above comments and extract from the GWW catalogue.


Numbering of GWW Photos

Small numbers appear on the front of many of GWW's photos.  I had hoped to find a key to these numbers indicating when the photos were taken.

However, when I enquired to the Queen Mother Library at Aberdeen University, which holds the GWW archive, here is the reply that  I received:

"We do not have any dates re the GWW Archive.  A lot of information was lost when there was a major fire in the 1880's.  The numbers bear no relevance to the dates"

[Curator, Queen Mother Library, Aberdeen University:  Jan 2005]


Same Number  -  Different Negatives

William Culp. Darrah, in his book 'The World of Stereographs' reports that G W Wilson produced over 2,000 numbered titles between 1858 and 1872.

In some cases  the same number was used for as many as 8 or 10 distinct negatives, some taken of the same scene but several years apart.

'The World of Stereographs' [ ISBN 913116-04-1.  Publ. 1977 Gettysburg PA, USA]



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