A 16th Century house at Abbeyhill


Croft -an-Righ  -  engraving published 1890

Croft-an-Righ house at Abbey Hill, near Holyrood

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Croft -an-Righ  -  photograph 2006

Croft-an-Righ  -  House near Holyrood  -  photographed September 2006

Maurice Wilkins, Oban, Argyll, Scotland



'Croft-an-Righ' is situated at Abbeyhill (formerly Abbey Hill) a short distance to the north of Holyrood Palace and Abbey.

The top picture (above) is an engraving, published in the book Old & New Edinburgh, around 1890.  This engraving shows the 16th century house 'Croft-an-Righ' or 'Field of the King'  with Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park in the background.

The book, Old & New Edinburgh, describes the approach to the house  in 1647:

"[approach to the house] ... from the Abbey burying-ground through an arched gate between two lodges. ... [The house is] one of the mansions that formed the formed the residences of Scottish courtiers in the days of other years."

The house and its garden are said to have been gifted, along with several other adjoining properties by James VI to his favourite servant, named French.  It has been the residence of Regent Moray.

Old & New Edinburgh,  Cassell & CO,  1890:  Vol 2, p.41




Thank you to Maurice Wilkins for sending the second picture above, a photograph that he took in September 2006.

Maurice lived in the house from 1973 until 1976 while working as a gardener at Holyrood Palace.

Maurice wrote"

"The house really has changed so little.  The blocked-up doorway on the engraving can be clearly seen in the photograph."

Maurice Wilkins, Oban, Argyll, Scotland: October 5 to 17, 2003

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