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School Class  -  1949

Towerbank Primary School Class  -  1949

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dorothy Addison, Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada.                Photographer not known.

Towerbank School, Portobello

Thank you to Dorothy Addison (née Jenkins) for sending me the photograph above of her school class, taken in front of  Towerbank School, Portobello, in 1949.

Dorothy wrote:

Class of 49

"There was 49 children in our class.  A few of the children were not attending this day. Our teacher's name was Mr Phillips. He was quite strict but very good.

I'm sorry I don't remember all my classmates' names, but we were a pretty happy bunch of kids."


During playtime, which today is probably called recess, we had great fun.   Favorite things to do in the girls' area were to exchange scraps, play peevery beds  and skipping ropes.

On our way home from school our favorite game was marbles, in the gutters, both for boys and girls.  We took it all quite seriously. I can only remember some of the names of the marbles - cherries and steelies.  I'm sure other people will have a better memory than me.


Round the corner we would stop and see the beach ponies which were stabled close by, always hoping to stroke them.  No wonder we were always late getting home from school.

More Memories?

I would love to hear other memories from students of Towerbank School."

Dorothy Addison, Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada.:  23 May 2007

Please Contact Me

1.  If you would like to contact Dorothy, please e-mail me and I'll pass on your message to her.

2.  There is no name or other reference on this 1949 photo.  If you know which photographer or company  took it, please e-mail me so that I can try to contact them.

Thank you.      -  Peter Stubbs:  May 27, 2007


Three Years Later

Dorothy also sent me this photograph, taken 3 years later, of pupils in Class 2B2 at Portobello Secondary School.  Some of the pupils appear in both photos.

  Portobello Secondary School, Class 2B2  -  1952 ©


55 Years Later

Here is a photograph of Towerbank School, taken in 2004

  Towerbank School, Portobello  -  July 2004 ©


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