Leith Nautical College


Leith Bus Depot - Drivers' and Conductors' ccildrewn's picnic at Alva Glen - 1965

  Reproduced by courtesy of Evening News.   Click here for web site details.                  This photo was published in Evening Dispatch


Leith Nautical College

Thank you to David Malcolm for sending photographs to me, including the one above.  David left Edinburgh  in 1956 and is now living in North Island, New Zealand.

David wrote:

1951 Students

"I hope my photos may bring back some happy memories.   I am seated, second left in this photo.

These students at Leith Nautical College in 1951 are  in the pre-sea training course for youths aiming to join shipping companies as Apprentices.

The course was for a full year which included practical seamanship and navigation theory plus related subjects. Successful completion of the course led to a six months reduction to the four year apprenticeship.

David Malcolm, North Island, New Zealand:  January 18, 2008

Here is another photograph of the 1951 students at Leith Nautical College sent to me by David Malcolm:

Students at Leith Nautical Collect in 1951


TS Dolphin

Training Ship

Here is a photo of the training ship, TS Dolphin.  The photo was taken in Leith Docks, possibly around 1950.

The Training Ship, TS Dolphin at West Old Dock, Leith



A brief History of

Leith Nautical College

Founded 1855

Leith Nautical College was originally founded as Leith Navigation School in 1855.  It was based in several buildings in Leith in the 19th century.

In 1903, it changed its name to Leith Nautical College and moved to new premises in Commercial Street Leith in 1903.

Leith Nautical College, Commercial Street, Leith

By 1974, the college had over 2000 students, but it came under threat as Britain's merchant fleet reduced in the 1980s.  It eventually closed in 1987.


The historical details above are taken from a fuller history of the college that can be found on the Archives Hub web site.





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