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Winders  -  1905

Bruce Peebles, Edinburgh  -  Winders, 1905

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd., and to Phil Mackie, Orpington, Kent, England.


Bruce Peebles Ltd

Bruce Peebles' Winders - 1905

The photograph above has been reproduced from  a copy of 'BP News', a Bruce Peebles publication.  Thank you to Phil Mackie, Orpington, Kent, England, for providing the photo.

The caption on the photo reads:

"Do you remember?

Mr W Smith, an old Peebleian and now Senior Partner with Smith & Co, Carlisle, who recently visited the works with delegates of the AMEME handed us the photograph which, we think may interest our readers.

We can recognise the following, but no doubt there are some among you who can do better.

BACK ROW:       - .  - , J Rentoul, D Whitton, G Happer, Shimmon, -

MIDDLE ROW:   Carnie, R Lamb, P Buckley, B Clark, - , - , -

FRONT ROW:    -, W Smith, D Hopton, J Hart, McCascal, W Mackie -. -, -"

Phil Mackie, who sent me this photo, tells me that he believes that W Mackie in the bottom row may be one of his relatives.

Bruce Peebles' Transformer

Bruce Peebles manufactured transformers in their factory at East Pilton, Edinburgh.  Hence, the need for winders (above).

Here is one of their transformers about to be transported from their factory.

Transformer delivery from Bruce Peebles, Edinburgh to Huddersfield, Yorkshire


Thank you to George Jones who read my comment above and wrote:

"You show a photo of winders from Bruce Peebles dated 1905 and in another photo of a transformer heading for Huddersfield you state that this was the need for winders.

Since Bruce Peebles didn't start making transformers until 1925, I think that you will find that the winders were armature winders employed in the winding of electric motors and generators."

George Jones, North Edinburgh,  May 29, 2008




George Jones

North Edinburgh

George Jones wrote

Bruce Peebles' Winders

   Bruce Peebles, Edinburgh  -  Winders, 1905

"This photo was of interest to me as I served my apprenticeship as an armature winder with Bruce Peebles / Parsons Peebles.

I still live in Edinburgh, about a mile from where the Pilton factory stood.  Unfortunately, I don't get to work in the trade now.  Parsons Peebles now operates from Rosyth in Fife, manufacturing and repairing motors and generators."

George Jones, North Edinburgh,  June 5, 2008




Tom Jones

Mississauga, Peel, Ontario, Canada

Tom Jones Jones wrote

Bruce Peebles' Winders

   Bruce Peebles, Edinburgh  -  Winders, 1905

"This photo caught my attention.  Then when I read a comment from someone who would appear to be my brother, George Jones, it became intriguing.

I also served my apprenticeship in Bruce Peebles, as a turner.  I also no longer practice it."

Tom Jones, Mississauga, Peel, Ontario, Canada:  February 1, 2009


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