Street Party

Caledonian Crescent


Around 1958-59

Caledonian Crescent Street Party, Dalry - 1953

©  Stewart & Young, 144 Dalry Road, Edinburgh.    Reproduced with acknowledgement to Lorna Taylor


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   Caledonian Crescent Street Party, Dalry - 1953 ©


Caledonian Crescent

Street Party

Thank you to Lorna Taylor for sending this photo to me.

Lorna wrote:

The Queen

"The photo above may be of interest in  this year of the Diamond Jubilee.  Does anyone remember the Caledonian Crescent street party to celebrate the Queen's Coronation in 1953?

Caledonian Crescent Street Party, Dalry - 1953 ©

The Tables

 "I'm 2nd from the right at the very front.  I've just noticed the big bandage around my knee!

I'm not sure, but I think the tables were set up between Shaws` shop and the Baths.  I do remember that there was an open- backed lorry in front of the baths where the Highland dancers performed."


"Other shops that I remember are:

-   Paul's the chemist

-   Banks haberdashery (where I had a Saturday job)

-  a newsagent's shop which, for some reason, I think was owned by Paul's too, but I could be way wrong on that."

The Store - Bakers

"On the corner of Orwell Terrace and Dalry Road, there was 'The Store' bakers, where I was sent for a 'pan loaf'.  The loaf was wrapped in tissue paper and was usually still warm.

The smell was so good that by the time I got it home there would be a big hole in the side where I'd been picking at it!  Oh! Happy days!"

Lorna Taylor (née Fitzsimmons), Tranent, East Lothian, Scotland:  May 19, 2012


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