Greyfriars Graveyard

Ian Hastie and Friends


  Looking NW down Tay Street past North Merchiston Primary School, towards the junction with Bryson Road, then on to DUndee Terrace.

  David Ford (See 'Reply 1' below).   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Hastie, Coventry, Warwickshire, England


Greyfriars Graveyard

Thank you to Ian Hastie, a former pupil of Norton Park school, for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Ian wrote:


"This photo was taken in Greyfriars Graveyard in 1956.  I am on the left and  George Hathaway is in the middle, but I'm afraid I don't remember the fellow on the right."

Ian Hastie, Coventry, Warwickshire, England:  July 7+12, 2011




David Ford

David Ford wrote:

Greyfriars' Graveyard

"I've just found this photo of three boys in Greyfriars' Graveyard from Ian Hastie.

Ian Hastie and friends at Greyfriars Graveyard, 1956

Would you believe it?  I took that photograph with a new Zeiss camera bought for me by my journeyman, Bert Chalmers, a very well known amateur photographer in Edinburgh, who encouraged me to take up the hobby."

Ian, George and Jimmy

"The lad on the right is Jimmy Burns, a lifelong friend.  The four of us used to meet at St Margaret's Loch to chat up the girls.  Ian was always up front for that!

I think George is no longer with us, but I hope I'm wrong.  He went to Easter Island in the army and suffered radiation poisoning from the atom bomb tests.  Enough said""

David Ford: April 6, 2012


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