Leith Academy Pupils


Middleton Camp


Leith Academy Pupils at Middleton Camp, 1949

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Fender, England                                                                  Photographer not known


Middleton Camp

Thank you to Robert Fender who wrote:


"I spent some time at Middleton Camp in 1949.  I can't remember exactly how long I was there, but it would have been about a week to a fortnight."

Rugby Match

"This photo was taken when we had a 7-a-side match against some of the teachers who were there.   All the lads in the picture were from Leith Academy.  (That's our rugby strips we are wearing.)

I'm the one who is looking away from the camera.   Too many years have past to remember much about who else was in the picture, but I do remember one of the boys, Ian Ramsey.  He's next to me on the right as you look at the photo.   One of the teachers, I believe, is  Mr. Maitland from our school.  He's is the one on the far right."

Robert Fender, England:  August 3, 2011


Photos of Holyrood Park by Wullie Croal