Pupils having lunch at the

Wee Tin School

Peffermill Road, Craigmillar


Pupils having lunch at the wee tin school  -  November 10, 1950

Pupils with animals for the Craigmilar School Pet Show

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The Wee Tin School

The School

This photo was taken on November 10, 1950.  Throughout the 1950s and in the early-1960s, the wee tin school was an annexe of St Francis' RC School, Craigmillar.

There were two windows in this room:

-  one behind the children, facing towards Craigmillar

- one on the left, facing the railway line that led to Old Dalkeith Road.

Johnni MacKenzie-Anderson, Craigmillar wrote:

Dinner at the Desks

"This school had only:

-  two schoolrooms.

-  a janny's office.

-  a tiny teacher's lounge for two.

Where else could the children eat their dinner but on their desks?  That's what I did when I had to go to school dinners at the school because my dad was in hospital for a month or so.

The children in the photo didn't leave much on their plates.  Craigmillar was a working class area where many people had no jobs or lived on low incomes.  Sometimes a school dinner was the only hot meal some kids got the whole day!"

Johnni MacKenzie-Anderson, Craigmillar:  November 8, 2009


Here is a view of the outside of the school:

Peffermill Tin School, 1951




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