Preston Street School

Preston Street School  -  Around 1950-51

A photograph  by Prophet of a class at Preston Street School around 1950-51

©  Prophet.                                                                   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joan Martin, née Hogg, Beckenham, Kent.


Preston Street School

Around 1950-51

Thank you to Joan Martin, née Hogg, for sending me the photograph above of a school class at Preston Street School.  Joan tells me that the photograph was taken around 1950-51, and her brother, David Hogg is second from the left in the second back row.

David attended Preston Street School, Boroughmuir then Edinburgh University.  Sadly, he died in a motorway accident in the USA in 1991.  The family returned to Edinburgh to scatter his ashes around various places in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh an area that he knew well from his childhood.

Arthur's Seat from near St Leonard's Entrance to Holyrood Park ©




Evelyn Hunt

(née Ashford / Williamson)

Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Evelyn Hunt (née Ashford/Williamson) for leaving this message in the EdinPhoto guest book.

Evelyn wrote:

I'm in the Photo

"Your site brings back memories of my very happy childhood.

Thanks to Joan Martin for providing the class photo from East Preston Street School, circa 1950/51. I am in the photo, 2nd row from the front, 4th from the left.  I'm the pouty girl in the blue satin dress and ribbon that my granny made for me.


It's funny the things that you remember and that you don't remember. Unfortunately, I can't recollect the names of classmates except for the girl on end of 2nd row on left.  Her name was Mary and she lived either on South Clerk or Clerk Street.


I lived with my mum and granny on 3rd floor, 27 East Preston Street, right beside the cemetery and across the street from the school.

James Clark School

I went on to James Clerk School from 1957 to May 1958. Then I immigrated to Toronto with my mum and step-dad.

My closest friends were:

 -  Ann Taylor

Rose Wilson

Lorna McNeil

Evelyn Swan.

They all lived on South Oxford Street, except Lorna.  She lived down the street.

If anyone can put me in touch with any of my classmates or friends that would be great

Evelyn Hunt (née Ashford / Williamson), Georgetown, Ontario, Canada:  April 28, 2008

Contacting Evelyn

If you'd like to contact Evelyn, please email me and I'll pass on your message to her.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  April 28, 2008




David Gibson

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Thank you to David Gibson who wrote, giving me the names of some of the boys in the photo at the top of this page..

David wrote:

Boys' Names

"My Primary School was Preston Street School.

Around 1950-51

   A photograph  of a class at Preston Street School around 1950-51 ©

Here are the names of a few of the boys in this photo:

-  Back Row - 4th left - Me (David Gibson)

3rd Row - 1st left - Brian Lewis

3rd Row - 2nd left - David Hogg

3rd Row - 3rd left - Malcolm Mclaren

3rd Row - 4th left - Archibald (Eddie) George.

-  Front Row - 3rd left - Richard Lambert
-  Front Row - 4th left - Michael Wittenberg.

Thats all I can remember.  Unfortunately, I can't remember any of the girls' names."

David Gibson, Perth, Western Australia, Australia:  February 10, 2013



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