Standard Life
Assurance Co.

Actuarial Students

Around 1965

The Crew of HMS Columbine, photographed at Peter McGill's studio, Queensferry

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Gordon, Easdale, Oban, Argyll & Bute, Scotland

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        Standard Life Assurance Company  -  Actuarial Students, around 1965


Standard Life Assurance Co.


Actuarial Students

"I was one one of several students from around Britain to join Standard Life Assurance Company in Edinburgh 1963, to train to become an Actuary.

About half the actuarial students at that time came to the company straight from  school and the remainder came after graduating at University."

Students' Hostels

"Standard Life looked after the students for a fairly modest cost, providing a hostel for accommodation, meals and a suitable environment for studying.  The company's first hostel, in the 1950s, was in Regent Terrace but by 1962 this was replaced by a larger hostel at 35 Inverleith Terrace, able to accommodate about fifteen students.

35 Inverleith Terrace

    View of 35 Inverleith Terrace from the SW

Cars at 35 Inverleith Terrace

    Students' cars parked in the front garden of No 35 Inverlieth Terrace  -  around 1968

I arrived straight from school in Yorkshire in 1963, and joined other students from towns and cities in England, Wales and Scotland, ranging from Devon to Orkney. I stayed in the hostel until around 1968.

Others in the hostel came from From around 1962, Standard Life provided a hostel at 35 Inverleith Terrace .  I was there from around 1963 to 1968."

The Photo

"The Hostel at the west end of Inverleith Terrace was next to the Royal Botanic Garden (for relaxed walks) and next to Inverleith Park (for watching the model sailing boats on the pond, or perhaps for something more energetic - tennis, football, rugby or a run around the perimeter of the park, with the incentive that about the first 6 to get back through the hostel door could claim one of the hot baths.)"

Rugby Training

"Here is a group setting off for rugby training in Inverleith Park.  They are (left to right)

FRONT ROW:  ?,   Eddie Rice

BACK ROW:    ?,   David Simpson,   John Brindle,   Alastair Hall

Who are the two '?'s above?.  Is one of them Colin Carlton?"

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  4 February, 2016



35 Inverleith Terrace

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35 Inverleith Terrace


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