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School Class  -  1939

Towerbank School Class - 1939

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jim Smart, Bournemouth, Dorset, England


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    Towerbank School Class - 1939


Towerbank School, Portobello

Thank you to Jim Smart for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his class at Towerbank Primary School, Portobello.

Jim wrote:


"If memory serves me right, this photo was taken in August/ September, just before the outbreak of World War II."

Top Row

"The top row includes:

-  Billy Webber, Bath Street

-  Billy Lauder, Tower Street

-  Bobby Dalrymple, Adelphi Place (last on right-hand side)."

2nd Row

= Row next to Top Row

"This row includes:

-  Ian Wood, Bath Street

-  Isabel Lambert

-  Margaret Armstrong

-  Rae Bell, Mount Lodge

-  Alice Brown

-  One of the Hughes sisters

an 'all girl' family from Mitchell's Buildings opposite the 'Pool' on the High Street, all with outstanding good looks.  I remember their mother was beautiful."

3rd Row

= Row next to Bottom Row

"This row includes (left to right):

1.   Mary Fyfe/Fife

4.   Sheila Paton

5.   Dorothy Lawrence

6.   Isabella Young

7.   Helen / Ellen Hood from Mount Lodge (perhaps)

11. Irene Lennox

Bottom Row

"The bottom row includes:

-  Alec Gilchrist

-  Willie Armstrong (no relation to Margaret)

-  Jackie Innes, my very near neighbour in Bath Street.

-  Jim Smart (me), Bath Street, on the end."

Jackie Innes

"Jackie Innes, above, was born with his right hand missing and his arm formed into a 'stump'.  I know all about what this stump could do, as I was the recipient of it during the daily fights we had!"

Jim Smart, Bournemouth, Dorset, England:  November 23, 2010 + February 7, 2011


About 65 Years Later

Here is a photograph of Towerbank School, taken in 2004

  Towerbank School, Portobello  -  July 2004


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