Children on the 'Low Road'

Upper Viewcraig

Low road



A group of six children on the 'Low Road' at Upper Viewcraig, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bob Hunter




Bob Hunter


Bob Hunter wrote:

Here is a photo of the 'Low Road', the area at the front of Upper Viewcraig Row.  Mr McEvoy is at the front holding the ball.

A group of six children on the 'Low Road' at Upper Viewcraig, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh 

I was born in 32 Upper Viewcraig Row in 1949 and lived there for eight years."

It was discussion of the photo below that prompted Bob Hunter to send his message to the EdinPhoto web site.  The question was whether the photo below was of a back green at Upper Viewcraig Row or Lower Viewcraig Row.

Bob wrote:

Upper Viewcraig Row

"Iain McEvoy is correct in saying this area is the rear of Upper Viewcraig Row.   They were indeed happy days.

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Salisbury Street, North

Bob Hunter:  December 30, 2008




John (Ian) McEvoy

Craigentinny, Edinburgh

Thank you to John (Iain) McEvoy who replied:

6 Children

"What have we started here? This is a photograph I have never seen before and don't remember it being taken.

I recognise Graham Buchanan, top left and Ian Parker top middle who I know has since passed away. The wee girl at the front is possibly Ian's little sister Lorraine Parker and the other two I am not sure about.

I do remember Bob Hunter and I'm chuffed that he can identify me from the photograph.  I wonder if Bob remembers that the wall to the left of the photo was round what we called 'the mound'. I don't know what its purpose was but I suspect it harboured an air raid shelter during the war. It certainly was somewhere we played on quite a lot.  Marbles was one of the things I remember playing."

John (Iain) McEvoy, Craigentinny, Edinburgh:  January 6, 2009




Lorraine Mayle


Thank you to Lorraine Mayle who wrote:

My Brother

"I just happened to google Upper View Craig Row which was the first house I lived in.  I was born in 1951 so lived there until I was about 5yrs old.

Well, I was amazed to see a photo of 6 children with their swimming costumes on.

A group of six children on the 'Low Road' at Upper Viewcraig, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh 

In the middle of the back row is my late brother, Ian (John) Parker. I think the little girl in the front is me! I vaguely remember the McEvoy family.

I've never seen this picture before or knew of EdinPhoto website before. I can't believe seeing a photo of my childhood on your website!

 I've lived in England since 1972."

Lorraine Mayle, England:   May 13, 2014


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