D & W Prophet, Dundee

Wardie Primary School

Wardie Primary School Pupils  -  mid-1950s

Photo by D & W Prophet  -  A class at Wardie Primary School, mid-1950s

©  D & W Prophet, Dundee                                                               Reproduced with acknowledgement to Carol Stubbs, Edinburgh

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   Photo by D & W Prophet  -  A class at Wardie Primary School, mid-1950s ©



Primary School



1st Row
Back Row

2nd Row

3d Row

4th Row
Front Row

1 Leslie Mills Sheila Skinner ? Brian Crosbie
2 Colin Russell Mary Hardie Eileen Marshall Billy Pope
3 Allan Irvine ? ? Colin Wilson
4 Ian Watson Ann Sharp Sheila Cormack Neil Campbell
5 Sandy Dunnett Carol Taylor Caroline Dickie Colin McGregor
6 Peter Shrove Patricia Buchan ?  
7 Bryan Ryalls Ann Vidler Christine Telfer  
8 Gilbert Thomson Margaret Haslam Catriona Murray  
9 John Flockhart Joan Dinwoodie Catherine McGilvray  
10   Irene Booth ?  
11     Frances McGraw  


Names in BLACK provided by Carol Stubbs, Edinburgh: 4 Jan, 2010

Names in RED added by Alan Irvine, Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland,  25 Nov, 2015




Carol Stubbs (née Taylor)


Photo by D & W Prophet  -  A class at Wardie Primary School, mid-1950s ©

Thank you to Carol Stubbs for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above of her class at Wardie Primary School, taken in the mid-1950s, and for providing the names of several of the pupils.

 If you know which year this photo might have been taken, or know the names of any of the other pupils in this photo, please email me

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  January 4, 2010




Alan Irvine

Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Thank you to Alan Irvine for giving me the names of most of the pupils' in this photo, and for also telling me about his teachers.

Photo by D & W Prophet  -  A class at Wardie Primary School, mid-1950s ©

Alan wrote:


"My teachers were:

-  Year 1:  Miss Clark

-  Year 2:  Miss Bescow

-  Year 3:  Miss Bescow

-  Year 4:  Miss Fraser

-  Year 5:  Miss Fraser

-  Year 6:  Miss Weir

-  Year 7:  Miss Weir

None of these teachers was married.  In those days, teachers were not permitted to remain in the profession if they married."

Other Staff

"When I was at the school:

-  The Headmaster was Mr Hutchieson

-  His young Secretary was Miss Lawson

-  The Janitor was Mr Carrington"

Alan Irvine,  Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland
 (Alan has now returned to Scotland, after having lived in Ireland for 25 years.)



North Edinburgh

Cramond - Granton - Royston - Trinity -  Wardie


Granton:  transport map 1932

Granton:  small map 1870

Granton:  large map 1870


Cramond:                        from 1940s

Cramond Island:              1970s

Granton:                           1930s   1940s   1950s   1970s

Granton, Trinity, Wardie:  1940s   1950s - 60s   Shops

Lower Granton Road        all dates

Muirhouse                         from 1930s

Pilton:                               1940 bomb

Royston:                            from 1930s

Wardie School:                 1930s    1940s   1950s

                                         1960s    1970s   1980s


Granton, Trinity, Wardie:  from 1544


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