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Shrubhill Works

LRT Shrubhill Works  -  Bus Parts  -  1994

 Edinburgh at Work  -  Lothian Region Transport  -  Shrubhill Works

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                      Photograph taken 25 July 1994


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    Edinburgh at Work  -  Lothian Region Transport  -  Shrubhill Works


Shrubhill Depot

This photo was taken at the western end of Shrubhill depot, the part furthest from Leith Walk.  Here is where the winding engine for the cables for some of the Edinburgh cable car routes once stood.

Engine House for driving cables for Edinburgh's Cable Car system

Later, trams were built here.  Shrubhill depot is now closed.  Many of the buildings have been demolished, and there are plans for housing to be built on the site, but this building is still standing.


LRT - Shrubhill Works

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