Edinburgh Transport

Engine House

 for driving the cables for Edinburgh's cable cars


Engine house  -  for driving the cables for cable cars

 Engine House for driving the cables for Edinburgh's Cable Cars

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc


Engine House


The figures in this picture gives a good indication of the size of machinery required to drive the cable for Edinburgh's cable cars.

Was this photograph taken at Shrubhill or elsewhere?

Answer  1

George Murray, Edinburgh, wrote:

"This view of the cable winding gear is almost certainly at Shrubhill, going by the circle window at high level.  This part of the old tram facility is still there and is a listed building.

However Tollcross depot may have had similar architectural features.  It is long gone to make way for the fire station."

Gordon Murray, Edinburgh:  January 15, 2006

Answer  2

Douglas Beath, Tasmania wrote:

"A picture in the book 'Edinburgh's Transport' by Hunter shows the same cable engine etc from a different angle, confirming it as Shrubhill. 

I recall a picture of  Tollcross as a gloomy windowless cavern."

Douglas Beath, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia:  January 17, 2007

Answer  3

Here is further confirmation that the depot is Shrubhill.  This is a photograph  taken at Shrubhill in 2007:

The site of the old winding engine at Shrubhill depot, photographed in 2007




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