North British Distillery

The Cooperage Yard  -  Gorgie, Edinburgh




  Peter Stubbs                    Photo taken October 15, 1991


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   North British Distillery, Gorgie, Edinburgh  -  1993


North  British Distillery


This is one of the photos I took as part of a project to document people at work in and around Edinburgh.

This view looks down from high in the distillery on the distillery yard.  The old cooper's shop at the extreme left of the picture closed soon after this photo was taken.

Here is a similar view taken in winter, on January 12, 1993:

North British Distillery, Gorgie, Edinburgh  -  1993

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Here are more photos taken at NB Distillery at Gorgie and at NB Distillery's cooperage at West Calder, West Lothian in the 1990s.



North British Distillery


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