Stevenson & Cheyne

engineering works

Beside the Water of Leith, Bonnington, Edinburgh

Old Machinery  -  1993

 Edinburgh at Work  - Stevenson & Cheyne

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs.    Please contact                                   Photograph taken February 18, 1993


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   Edinburgh at Work  - Stevenson & Cheyne, Bonnington, Edinburgh


Stevenson & Cheyne

Engineering Works

Rolling Metal

Stevenson & Cheyne had an oven and rollers that enabled them to roll thick metal, to be used for items such as boilers.

The metal was first heated, then the ends were rolled to create the shape above.

The metal was then heated in the oven again, before being passed through the rollers again to create a cylinder of metal.

Edinburgh at Work  -  Stevenson & Cheyne, Bonnington, Edinburgh 

Old machinery can be seen against the wall in the background.

Some parts of this image have taken on a magenta colour, due to the filter that I used to correct for the the green cast caused by the old fluorescent lighting in the works.

One solution would be to convert the image to black + white or to sepia.

Here is another view of these machines, converted to sepia

Stevenson & Cheyne, Bonnington, EdinburghEdinburgh at Work  -   


Stevenson & Cheyne

Edinburgh at Work