United Wire Works

Manufacturers of Wirecloth  -  Granton Park Avenue, Granton

Loom 2  -  1992

 Edinburgh at Work  -  United Wire Works

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 Photograph taken Photograph taken July 29, 1992


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   Edinburgh at Work  -  United Wire Works


United Wire Works

Wire Weaving


This photograph of an early loom was taken at United Wire Works in 1992.  This was probably a 'free fall' loom.  i.e. driven by gravity rather than by electric motor.  This loom is now no longer used by United Wire Works.

Today (in 2008) United Wire Works has 27 looms, all driven by electric motors.

I was told when I visited the company in 1991 that the older looms, dating back to the 1920s were solid but could be slow, and that one of the looms was still working on a job that began in 1989!

The fine textured weaves could have up to 300 strands per inch


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