West Princes Street Gardens

Winter Floral Clock


Creating the Winter Floral Clock  -   October 2003

The Winter Floral Clock being created in Princes Street Gardens  -  October 2003

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk               Photographed 18 October 2003


Winter Floral Clock


One of the City of Edinburgh Council gardeners plants flowers on the site in Princes Street Gardens at the foot of The Mound, to create the Winter Floral Clock.

A Floral Clock is planted in Edinburgh during the summer months each year.  The first was planted in 1903.  The idea has been copied by many other cities around the world.

In 1904, arms were added to the Edinburgh Clock.

In 1905, a cuckoo was added.

In 2003, a copy of the clock won a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

The clock is normally planted for the summer months; but for the first time  in 2003, a Winter Clock was planted on the same site, and a Christmas Crib was installed beside it.   The picture above shows the clock being created.

Since 2003, a Winter Clock has been planted on the same site, in the corner of East Princes Street Gardens, near the foot of the Mound.  A Christmas Crib has been installed beside it for a few weeks each year, at Christmas.



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