October 2003


About five miles to the west of Edinburgh on the Firth of Forth

Boats and Swans at Cramond

Boats and Swans at Cramond  -  Photographed October 2003

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk

Photographed 1.00pm,  11th October 2003


This view looks towards the Firth of Forth down the narrow channel of the River Almond.

The river is tidal here, and the this photograph has been taken at low tide, when it is possible to walk out to Cramond Island, about half a mile offshore in the Firth of Forth.

Sailing out of the Almond into the Firth of Forth is possible about up to about 2 or three hours either side of high tide.

The photograph here was taken on a warm and sunny Saturday at the end of the 2003 season, as the boats were being lifted out of the water by crane.

Please click here to see a view a little further upstream



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