from the

Royal Botanic Gardens

Looking towards Calton Hill and the St James Centre


                  B                                           Nat         Nel           Arthur's Seat         St James Centre          
                             D1                              D2                                                                              

View looking towards Calton Hill and the St James Shoppinc Center from the Royal Botanic Gardens.

 Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                                                   Photographed 2 November 2003

View from the Royal Botanic Gardens  -  Key

B  =  Broughton St Mary's Church (close to Broughton Street) also seen in this early engraving.

D1, D2  =  two of the three domes on the Standard Life Assurance Company 's Tanfield Office at Canonmills.

Nat  =  National Monument on Calton Hill.

Nel  =  Nelson Monument on Calton Hill.