Nicolson Square


Nicolson Square and the Brass Founders' Pillar

Nicholson Square  -  Photographed 2 November 2003

 Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                                         Photographed 2 November 2003

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    Nicholson Square  -  Photographed 2 November 2003


Nicolson Square

Methodist Chapel

Nicolson Square is a small square on the west side of Nicolson Street.  Nicolson Street is an extension of South Bridge.  Facing the south-west corner of the square is the Methodist Chapel.

Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  hand-coloured  -  Methodist Chapel at Nicholson Square

Brass Founders' Monument

On the right-hand side of this picture, close to Nicolson Street is the Brass Iron Founders' Pillar in the square.  It features the biblical character, Tubal Cain, the legendary founder of brass and iron making skills.

The Brass Founders' Pillar in Nicolson Square  -  photographed 2 November, 2003

This monument was commissioned for the 1886  International Exhibition of Science Art and Industry by the Edinburgh and Leith Brass Founders.

Following the exhibition, the pillar was moved from the Meadows to Nicolson Square.