from Calton Hill


Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  Edinburgh from Calton Hill

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from Calton Hill

The publisher of this postcard is not named on the card.

This view looks down from Calton Hill to the west.  The main road, leading straight ahead on the right hand side of the picture is Princes Street, with the North British Hotel (now the Balmoral Hotel) and its tower prominent at the East End of the street.

The Scott Monument is hidden by the North British Hotel.

Edinburgh Castle can be seen in the background on Castle Hill, with the Head Office of the Bank of Scotland in front of it at the left hand side of the picture

Calton Jail, now demolished to make way for the Government building, St Andrew's House is in the foreground of the picture (lower left).

On the left hand side of this card is the Edinburgh Coat of Arms.

This card was posted in October 1908.


Looking down from Calton Hill

Calton Hill

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