Granton Castle


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Granton Castle


Granton Castle stood close to the Firth of Forth, immediately to the NW of Caroline Park, near where Granton Gasometers were build in the early 20th century.

The first mention of Granton Castle was in 1479, when it was called Granton House and owned by the Melville family of Fife.

The 2nd Duke of Argyle bought Granton Castle in 1716, as part of the estate of Wester Granton, that also included Caroline Park.  He re-named the castle Royston Castle - though it is still described as Granton Castle in the postcard above.

By 1749, the castle had become ruinous.

The castle lay in ruin in the 19th century and was demolished in 1928 when bought by a firm of quarriers, searching for rock underneath.

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Source:  Stranger on the Shore - A short history of Granton:  James Gracie   Argyll Publishing, 2003
 [ISBN 1 902831 535]




Alastair James Berry

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Alastair James Berry wrote:

Granton Castle

    Postcard  -  Publisher unidentified  -  Granton Castle

"In thise old painting a gun emplacement with a cannon on it faces out to sea.

As a kid in the 1930s, I remember the half-moon shaped emplacement with a segment of a circular rail embedded in it.  It was said to have been build for the Napoleonic War."

Alastair James Berry, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  November 24, 2013


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