Princes Street Gardens

Bandstand and Audeince

Post Card

Postcared by an unidentified publisher  -  Princes Street Gardens  -  Bandstand and Audience

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Princes Street Gardens

Bandstand and Audience

Front of the Card

The band plays in the bandstand in front of a large audience on a fine day in Princes Street Gardens.  This attractive bandstand was replaced, long ago, by the larger Ross Bandstand in the gardens.

In the background are the National Gallery of Scotland, the Head Office of the Bank of Scotland,  the Assembly Hall and steeple of Tolbooth St John's (now The Hub) at the foot of Castle Hill in the Royal Mile

Back of the Card

The postcard has a divided back, so must have been published 1902 or later.  It has not been sent through the post.

The card has no publisher's name but appears to be part of a large series.  It has a reference number '20 38414' on the back.  Are there any experts on prams who can help to determine the date of the photo?



Princes Street Gardens


Unidentified Publishers

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