East Thomas Street

Road Sign






Calton Youth Ministry, at NW corner of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh

  Calton Youth Ministry with acknowledgement to Stanley Middleton, Perthshire
.  Photo provided by Davie Martin, Edinburgh


East Thomas Street

Thank you to Ian Campbell who wrote:

Road Sign

"This is the corner of East Thomas Street looking from Elgin Terrace outside Learmonth's, the shop The bricked up doorway is 12A East Thomas Street."

Youth Ministry

"The Youth Ministry was next door at No 12, the un-bricked doorway."

Date of the Photo

"I would have thought that picture was taken at some time after 1971.   We left East Thomas Street 1971."

Ian Campbell, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex:  Aug 9, 2012

More Recollections

It's a long time since I last saw an official road sign that said 'Please'!

For more of Ian's recollections from the time when he lived at East Thomas Street, please see

East Thomas Street  -  Recollections 45 + 46

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  Aug 10, 2012


Map of East Thomas Street and surrounding area

   Edinburgh and Leith map, 1940  -  East Thomas Street and surrounding streets