East Thomas Street


Several people have e-mailed me recently, recalling their life in East Thomas Street, and mentioning some of their old neighbours.  Please see below:



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Jim Muir

-  Born 1934



-  Neighbours at No 11


Linda Robertson

-  Neighbours at No 18


Frank Joseph Shaw

-  No 18


I don't know what's happened to 'Recollections 5'.  It has vanished


Davy Martin

-  Edina Homebrew


Yvonne Cain

-  Post Office


Muriel Muir

-  Brunswick Road

-  East Thomas Street

-  East William Street



-  The bottom of the Street

-  Families

-  Shops

-  Sentiment and School


Babs McNeill
New Bern, California, USA

-  No 12


Reply 1

Rona Little
Staffordshire, England

-  No 12


Frances Brown
(née Barnum)
New Bern, North Carolina, USA

-  Millan Family


Dorset, England

-  6 Elgin Street

    -  Alexander Johnson

Neil Johnson


John Welsh
Gracemount, Edinburgh

-  Neighbours

-  Bonfires

-  Schools

-  East William Street

-  Picture Houses

-  Holidays

-  Keeping in Touch


Bob Kinghorn

-  Kinghorn Grandparents


Maureen Standing

-  The Sweeney Family


Ken Crosbie
Hillside, Edinburgh

-  Margaret Crosbie at No 12


Ian Traynor (Scottie)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

-  No 18


Lawson Imrie

-  George Williamson

    -  East Thomas Street

    -  Piershill

    -  Leith Walk School


Jim Ruxton
West End, Edinburgh

-  3 East Thomas Street

-  Brunswick Road


Alex Macdonald
Peffermill, Edinburgh

-  Visiting East Thomas Street

-  Home at No 15


Rhona Adams
née Howarth)


-  5 East Thomas Street


Bob Smith

-  4 East Thomas Street

-  School Camp


Pat Doyle

-  10 East Thomas Street

-  Games


Irene Kirkwood
Livingston Village, West Lothian, Scotland

10 East Thomas Street


Julie Roderick
Bunbury, Western Australia

-  5 East Thomas Street


George Scott
Buckstone, Edinburgh

-  18 East Thoma Street

-  Mary Hay

-  John Scott

-  Quinn's

-  Learmonth's

-  Backgreen

-  Fire

-  Gramophone

-  Pals

-  Games

-  Football



-  5 East Thomas Street Around 1900


Donald Davidson

-  Edina Street

-  School Reunions

-  My Haunts

-  Pig Bins

-  Lemonade Bottles

-  Back Green Concerts

-  East Thomas Street

-  Shops

-  Church


Donald Davidson

Bucket Day

-  Question

-  Memories


Christine Anderson
Duddingston Edinburgh

Edina Street

-  Donald Davidson


Anne McDonald
née Burns)


-  Neighbours

-  Friends

-  Backgreen Concerts


Anne McDonald
née Burns)

Leith, Edinburgh

-  Neighbours

-  Rag Man


Carole Bathgate
Linlithgow, West Lothian

-  The Leslie Family


Tam McLuskey
Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

-  Growing up in Chinatown

-  Schools

-  Work


Tam McLuskey
Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

-  Chinatown

-  Holidays at Port Seton


Tam McLuskey
Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

-  Chinatown Friends


Tam McLuskey
Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Tom and Linda Smith



Christine Anderson
Duddingston, Edinburgh

Tom and Linda Smith


Tam McLuskey
Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

5 East Thomas Street

-  Nelson's Hall


Tam McLuskey
Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada



Tam McLuskey
Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada


-  Schools


Eleanor Macintyre
Portobello, Edinburgh

14 East Thomas Street


Tam McLuskey
Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Bothwell Street



Charles Lowson
aka Charles Horne)

Fareham, Hampshire, England


-  Baptist Church

-  Friends

-  Co-op Stables

-  Middleton Pub

-  Buckie Wife

-  Crolla's Ice Cream

-  Fish Shops

-  Co-op

-  Valvona & Crolla

-  Learmonths

-  The Jones Family

-  Bonfires

-  Leith Walk School

-  Backgreen Concerts


Robert Baptie

-  14 East Thomas Street

My Family Tree


Ian Campbell
Shoreham by Sea,
West Sussex, England

-  Home + Family  -   No. 10

Photo  -  Nos. 9+10

-  Primary School

-  School Outings

-  Shops

-  Church

-  Playtime and School Holidays

-  Police Box

-  Getting up to Mischief  -  Who, Me?

-  Doctors

-  I Shall Always be Grateful


Ian Campbell
Shoreham by Sea,
West Sussex, England

-  Bowling Greens


Carole Moncur
(née McMahon)


-  No.11:  Eleven Children


Carole Moncur
(née McMahon)


-  No.13:  Five Children


Thomas White
Gilmerton, Edinburgh

-  No.5:  Eleven Children


Win Johnston
maiden name
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

-  Agnes McMahon

-  The McMahon Family


Win Johnston
maiden name
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

-  Agnes McMahon


Susan Harte
Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland

-  My Mum

-  Granny Agnes and Auntie Anne

-  Christmas Times


Danny Smith

-  18 East Thomas Street

-  Our Family

-  Memories


Diane Burn

-  The Burn Family

-  Charles

-  Thomas


Duncan McDonald
Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland, England

-  The Gray Family

-  Characters


Paul Munro

-  My Mother: Margaret Kieman

-  My Grandfather: 'Last Man Standing'


Robert Dalton
 Robert Erskine

-  7 East Thomas Street


Danny McAllister
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England

-  My Family at East Thomas Street

-  Move from East Thomas Street


Joseph McMahon

-  11 East Thomas Street




Jim Muir

East Thomas Street

Jim, who was born in East Thomas Street:  December 4, 1934, is looking for a photo of East Thomas Street.

 Jim Muir, July 16, 2004.


Please click on this link to see some photos of East Thomas Street and other streets nearby.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  April 16, 2011





 e-mailed  me on October 14, 2006

Alex grew up there, and is now in his late sixties.

He lived at No. 11 and remembers families at:

-   9  (Chisholms)

-  10 (Doyles)

-  11 (Annans, Robertsons, Blacks, Scotts, Cockburns, Mahoneys)

-  12 (Mackays)

-  13 (Martins, Mulveys)

-  Corner shop next to 12 (Mr Cadden)

-  Corner opposite the shop (Mrs Nisbett and daughter Emma)

-  15 (Adams family, Cushleys spelling?




Linda Robertson

 e-mailed  me on December 13, 2006

Linda was born at 18 East Thomas Street 1956.  She lived there with her parents May and Jimmy Robertson and lodger Billy Harrow until about 1969-70.

She remembers:

-  17 (Nan Grant)

-  18 (Smith family, Joe + Nellie Shaw, Jock + Mary Hay,
          Davie + Ivy + Rosalind Paton)

-  19 (Alex + Gladys Shields)

 -  Corner shop (Peggy Smith)

-   Newsagent (Jimmy Bruce)

-   Sweet shop (Mrs Anderson)

-   Grocer's shop (Mrs Quin)




Frank Joseph Shaw

 e-mailed  me from Australia on  February 7, 2007

Frank was the son of Joe and Nellie Shaw. 

He lived at 18 East Thomas Street, 1944-1965.




Davie Martin

 e-mailed  me from Edinburgh on February 8, 2007

Edina Homebrew

Davie now owns and runs the 'Edina Homebrew' shop at 14 Elgin Terrace, opposite the eastern end of where East Thomas Street used to stand. 

Davie was born at 13 Edina Street, known locally as 13, China Town.

He remembers:

-  5  Rob + Issa + Chick + brother + sister Robertson
        Dolly Millan and sons Eddie + Raymond)

-  7  Janet Covell, Jean Mageekin spelling?, both in his class at school.

-  8  Harry Wallace, in his class at school, George Covell

-  9  (Knox family, the only people with a car or van in the street)

-  10  (Bill + Netty Scott and daughter Annett)

-  11  Peter + Joe + 5 other McMains spelling?

-  12  Terry + Arthur Jones, Marilyn Butler, Mackay Brothers,
          Billy + Andrea Taylor and sister

-  12a  the shop, Mr Cadden, Mr + Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Anderson

Davie has allowed me to copy some of his old photos of East Thomas Street.  I hope to find time to add them to the web site soon.




Yvonne Cain

 e-mailed  me from Australia on February 11, 2007

Post Office

Yvonne's mum and dad ran a post office at Montgomery Street, 1965 until about 1969.  Many of their customers came from East Thomas Street.




Muriel Muir


Muriel Muir wrote

Brunswick Road and East Thomas Street

"I used to live at 29 Brunswick Road.  The back yard of this tenement backed on to 17 East Thomas Street, I think. 

The people in my stair were:








The ground floor was an un-used shop.

East William Street

We were at the bottom of East William Street.  I can remember names such as:






Muriel Muir, Canada:  September 19, 2007





Thank you to Alex for writing about some of the people he remembers from East Thomas Street.

 Alex wrote:

The Bottom of the Street

 "It's grand to read the nostalgic thoughts of so many who lived in the now-gone East Thomas Street.  Many writers seem to have come from the other end of the street, 1 to 8 and 16 to 20.

But what of the Russell boys, Archie and James (No 8)  -  both in their seventies today?

There was also my chum Christopher Laidlaw, from around No 18, who joined the Royal Navy. His step-dad, Joe, had a hairdressers in Newhaven I think."


"I made contact with Richard Martin of No 13 and of  course, his 'wee brother' today runs the Edina Home Brew Shop in what used to be the Learmonth Dairy / Melrose Dairy that looked down East Thomas Street.

I look for word of some of the other people at our end of the street.  I lived at the top of the street (No 11). Is there any word of any of these?:

Chisholm family (No 9) or the Doyle sisters (No10).

Cockburns, Scotts, Mahoneys, Robertsons, Blacks (No 11).

-  Mackay boys (No 12).

-  Mulvey family or Jimmy Lorette (spelling) (No 13).
became a  councilor
in the city?

-  Colin Cushley  (spelling?), the very, very bright boy (No 15,
ground floor).  He'll be in his early-seventies now.

-  Norrie Adams, who lived on the landing above the Cushley family (No 15).  He was a very good footballer.


"I remember:

- Nan Adams, a classmate at Leith Walk Primary School.  She lived in a corner 'close' that had a Brunswick Road number.

-  Mr Caddenstill had the wee corner shop at the top of the street.  He wore shirts without collars and a flat cap, and had a white, downturned moustache as seen so often in pictures of First World War veterans.

He also wore a waistcoat with a chain and Albert across his midriff with a pocket watch.

Thanks Alex for answering the question that I asked you by email.  i.e.: An Albert was a second short chain, usually gold or gold-plated, that was attached to a pocket watch chain.

 still had the wee corner shop at the top of the street.

-  Mrs Nisbet(t) and her daughter Emma in their little corner-shop-style-house, across the street from Mr Cadden's shop.

-  Milne’s chip Shop up the street from Hutton the Cobbler (which is still there, run by his grandson)  and just before Easter Road.

-  Croala’s across the street in Easter Road, Miele’s Cafés and chip shops of the day, all either closed or changed hands."

Sentiment and School

"It’s odd that when we all lived there, life was tough and other than lots of family love, we didn’t have much. Yet, we are sentimental, aren’t we?

I’d like to think that it helped to make us.  The street, its conditions and people like the Leith Walk Primary’s headmaster, Mr Douglas, and the wonderful Miss Turner, our teacher and even the Jannie who lived in the house beside the school entrance.

His house is all boarded up now but I can still see him standing there, at one minute past nine, catching late-comers, and handing out two, three and four of the belt.      Hey ho!  That’s nostalgia for you, from more than sixty years ago."

 Alex:  February 13, 2008




Babs McNeill


Thank you to Babs McNeill, Edinburgh who left a message in the EdinPhoto guest book about some of the residents of East Thomas Street in earlier times.

Babs says she cannot believe that she has stumbled upon the East Thomas Street page on the EdinPhoto web site.  Babs writes:

No 12

"I have been doing my family tree for over 5 years and have struggled to find info on East Thomas Street.

In the 1891 Census my Gr Gr Grandad lived at number 12 with my GR GR Grandmother Elizabeth and also my GR GR GR Grandmother Catherine and my GR GR Uncle Alexander.

If anyone doing their family tree can supply more info it would be greatly appreciated.  It is great to hear how so many people had such great times through such hard times in East Thomas Street."

Babs McNeill, Edinburgh:  June 28, 2008

Please also see Recollections 10, Reply 1 below







Rona Little

Staffordshire, England

Thank you to Rhona Little for replying to  Babs McNeill's Recollections 10 above.  Rona wrote:

No 12

"Babs McNeill makes a comment, in her Recollections 10 above, that the 1891 census shows her  Gr Gr Grandfather as living at at No. 12 St Thomas Street.

My own Gr Grandfather, Thomas McDonald, lived at No. 12 St Thomas Street in 1879 Thomas McDonald.  I'd like to contact Babs.

Incidentally,  Barbara's email address as we may be connected as she also was doing family tree.  She lives in California.

Rona Little, Staffordshire, England:  1 + 6 March 2018

Message for
 Babs McNeill

Hi Babs:  I looked for your email address, hoping to be able to pass it on to Rhona Little, so that she could contact you, but I've not been able to find it.

If you read this, can you please send me a message, then I'll know your current email address and will be able to pass it on to Babs.

 Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  6 March 2018





Frances Brown (née Barnum)

New Bern, North Carolina, USA

Thank you to Frances who wrote

Millan Family

"Earlier, I sent some recollections on East Williams Street.  I used to live at 3 East William Street.

Now, I'm looking  for Raymond and Edmund Milne. ***

Raymond and Edmund,  along with their mother, Dolly, are mentioned in Davie Martin's recollections on this page

I knew them  both very well.  Their mother and my mother were best friends.  I always wondered what  happened to them.  Is there  anyone who has any knowledge of how I could contact them by email or phone?  I think Davie Martin mentioned them on recollections.  I hope you can help with this quest.  Thank you in advance.  Frances Barnum Brown, 3 East William Street.  Now located in North Carolina, USA."

Frances Brown (née Barnum), New Bern, North Carolina, USA:  August 6, 2008

If you would like to contact Frances, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to her.

            Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 7, 2008

*** Update

Thank you to Raymond Milne for contacting me today.  I've now forwarded your message to Frances Brown.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 28, 2011





Dorset, England

Carolyn is trying to trace one of her neighbours from the East Thomas Street area.  She writes:

6 Elgin Street

"I'm searching for an Alexander Johnson (or Johnston) whose address was 6 Elgin St, Edinburgh in 1947.  Does anyone remember him or his family? Was this address a business address in 1947 or a residential address?

It is a long story, but all I know is that he was in Egypt in 1947, just before he returned to Edinburgh.  His trade was photography / lithographer.

Any help would be appreciated, as I live in Dorset and do not know where to start looking but I fell across the East Thomas Street pages on the EdinPhoto web site and realised that the street was so close that someone may know of him and if he is still alive etc.

He would be around 89 now but it is important that I find him or his descendents."

Carolyn:  Dorset, England:  August 5, 2008

Tracing Alexander Johnson

If you think you may be able to help Carolyn to trace Alexander Johnson (or Johnston), please email me, then I'll pass your message on to her.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  August 9, 2008


Tracing Alexander Johnson

Thank you to Neil Johnston, son of Alexander Johnston for contacting me.

Neil told me that, unfortunately, his dad had died earlier this year (2009).  Neil added that his dad had continued printing, photography, etc. until the end and had always had an interest in new things.

I've passed on Neil's message to Carolyn (above).

 -  Peter Stubbs:  May 15, 2009




John Welsh

Gracemount, Edinburgh

Thank you to John Welsh who wrote:


"I was born at East Thomas Street, and left when I was ten.

I was friends with:

Stuart, Kathleen, Charles McManus, number 21

Kenny McKay, Number 21

John Hogg, Number 20, same as me

Alex Patterson, Number 8

-  Fay McKenzie, Number 3, my childhood girlfriend

Sandra McGregor, number 17, another childhood girlfriend

Eddie and Raymond Milne and mum Dolly, number 5

Rab, Chic Bruce and family, number 5"

I still recall many more, too many to put down."


"I remember the bonfires at the bottom of the street.  They were great.  Us kids collected for weeks.

There was always some rivalry between us kids from Chinatown and East William Street but mainly during bonfire collection time."


"I went to Leith Walk Primary School from 1958 to 1963, before leaving for Southhouse at the age of ten."  

East William Street

"I remember from East William Street  the Gilmours and Brian Kinnear.  I had a good friend in the same street but cant recall his name, he moved to Northfield. I am more than sure he was Ronnie Williamson."

Picture Houses

"Saturday afternoons were great, we either went to the Eastway Picture House or the Regent, mostly the Regent.  But, if you wanted to watch a Western it was up to the Salon."


"Holidays were great times.  We played for hours in the Dobies (Regent Park) or the Lundies (London Road Park)I think we climbed every rock on the crags at some point or other.

What we called fishing, at that young age, was going to Puddockie (a section at the Water of Leith, just over the bridge and near the old allotments) with our nets and jars for sticklebacks."

Keeping in Touch

"I recognise most names who have posted here.  Quite a few are relatives I hope one or two old friends will get in touch with me."

John Welsh, Gracemount, Edinburgh:  September 5, 2008

Contacting John

If you'd like to contact John Welsh, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  September 5, 2008




Bob Kinghorn

Thank you to Bob Kinghorn who wrote:

Kinghorn Grandparents

"I enjoyed the information and photographs of East Thomas Street.  My grandparents on my father's side lived at 3 East Thomas Street, I think in the top flat. 

My grandparents were John and Marion Kinghorn.  They had three sons:

-  my father, John (Jack), the eldest brother, born in Granton,

-  his two brothers, Bill and Dave, both born at 3 East Thomas Street.

My grandparents moved to Bothwell Street before 1945.  My Grandfather came to live with us when my Grandmother died in about 1953/54. 

I can just remember the house as I was just about seven or so at my last visit."

Bob Kinghorn:  November 2 + 3, 2008




Maureen Standing

Thank you to Maureen Standing who wrote:

The Sweeney Family

"My Mum was born at 11 East Thomas Street in August 1917.  Her name was Maggie Sweeney.  Her parents were George and Jean Sweeney.

I wonder if there is anyone still around that may remember the family."

Maureen Standing:  February 27, 2009

If you would like to contact Maureen, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to her.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  March 8, 2009




Ken Crosbie

Hillside, Edinburgh

Ken Crosbie wrote:

Margaret Crosbie

"I grew up at 12 East Thomas Street, from 1959 until 1972.  I don't remember many of the neighbours, although I recognise one or two of the names.

However, I have just one living relative, Margaret Crosbie, who was born at 12 East Thomas Street.  Does anyone recognise that name?  She may be able to supply more information than I can."

Ken Crosbie, Hillside, Edinburgh

If you would like to contact Ken, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to her.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  March 16, 2009




Ian Traynor  (Scotty)

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Scotty wrote:

No 18

"I lived at 18 East Thomas Street until I joined the navy in 1957.

As I ran down your site, the names came back to me, like everyone that I went to Leith Walk school with.

I now live in Winnipeg, Canada.  The last person that I saw was Margaret Whiteside.  I ran into her in Malta.  She, too, had joined the navy.

If anyone from the old street wants to get in touch, please contact me."  (Please see below for how to contact Scotty.)

Ian Traynor (Scotty), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:  April 14, 2009

If you'd like to contact Ian Traynor, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  April 14, 2009




Lawson Imrie


Lawson Imrie wrote:

Looking for George Williamson

East Thomas Street

"I have been through all the sites I could find trying to discover what happened to George Williamson, known as Georgie.

He lived in East Thomas Street, certainly from 1958 until early 1965.  His friend John Hunter became an engineer and left our street, off Easter Road, in 1962, when I was ten.

East Thomas Street was called Chinatown because they all lived packed together. I am still obsessed with walking through that area."


"I last saw Georgie in January 1966 near the launderette.  By that time he lived in Piershill.

Wasn't there a small hall, over from the shops, where one night in 1962 we crammed in with the expectation of biscuits and lemonade?"

Leith Walk School

"I attended Leith Walk school with him until Monday, March 2, 1959. The rail line was opposite the school and there were shops facing the gates to which we'd go in playtime.

If anyone could give me information about the boy who'd been the bane of my life for so many years I would be pleased."

Lawson Imrie, Edinburgh:  April 15, 2009

If you'd like to contact Lawson Imrie, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  April 15, 2009




Jim Ruxton

West End, Edinburgh

Jim Ruxton wrote:

3 East Thomas Street

"There were 9 houses in 3 East Thomas Street."

Top Floor

"On the top floor there were:

-  Mr Webster and his daughter Geraldine

Mr and Mrs Miller and their daughter Dorothy

Mrs Bain.

Mr Webster was one of the few people in the street who had a car."

Middle Floor

"On the middle floor were:

-  the Thomson family

-  the Parrs

-  myself, Jim Ruxton, and my mum and dad, Jean and Frank.

 My dad worked at Redpath Brown, Engineers."

Ground Floor

"On the ground floor were:

-  the McGhees, the daughters being Ina and Mary

-  Winnie and Doris Hendry

-  the Nelson family which included David and his big sister Janet. 

Mr Nelson had a motorbike and sidecar.  I am still friendly with David and we still see each other about once a week."

Brunswick Road

"Number 23 Brunswick Road was at the bottom of East Thomas Street.  Living there were:

-   the Allans, Sandra, Nan and Ian

-  the Smiths;, Tom, Betty and Billy, who was one of the original members of the Corries Folk Group.

Other Neighbours

Gina Harkness and Mrs Jennings are other names I recall.

Frank Shaw, who lived at number 18, chummed around with us and once went to Butlins with my mum, dad and me."


"The shops at the end of our street were:

-  Jimmy Bruce, the newsagent at number 2, in between two stairs, where we bought most of our sweets.   In the 1940s, of course, we had coupons to go with our pennies.   I can still see Jimmy making a 'poke' out of the paper and pouring in the sweeties.

-  Scobies, which was between the stairs 4 and 5 and sold virtually everything.  My abiding memory of Scobies was buying a pennyworth of peas and vinegar in a saucer, or, if you were flush 2d worth. 

Smiths on the opposite side of the street was a general grocer."

Jim Ruxton, West End, Edinburgh:  June 26, 2009.




Alex Macdonald

Peffermill, Edinburgh

Thank you to Alex Macdonald who wrote

Visiting East Thomas Street

"Although I did not live in East Thomas Street at the time, I used to visit the street to see Rhona Howarth whom i met at Bellvue secondary school.  This would be about 1954.

I remember her sister, Irene, and some of the Robertson family, and also the chap with the ponies.  I think his name was Eddie.

Rhona and I drifted apart and I joined the Merchant Navy in 1956.  I had 15 wonderful years before coming ashore to settle down with wife and family."

Home at No 15

"By the way our first home was 18 East Thomas Street, top flat.

Alex Macdonald, Peffermill, Edinburgh:  August 23, 2009




Rhona Adams  (née Howarth)

St Catharine's Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Rhona who replied to Alex Macdonald's message (20 above).

Rhona wrote:

5 East Thomas Street

"I am amazed that someone finally remembers me from East Thomas street.  I lived at No 5 until 1957.

Actually my father was killed in an accident while we were living in that street  in 1949.

I went to Belleview secondary school until 1956.  That's when we immigrated to Canada."

Rhona Adams (née Howarth), St Catharine's Ontario Canada:  August 25, 2009


Rhona:  Alex is not the only person to remember you!  I got an email message today from Irene Day (née Shamrock), now living in Wigan, Lancashire.  She says she believes she was in the same class as your brother, Frank, at Leith Walk school.

Peter Stubbs:  August 28, 2009




Bob Smith


Thank you to Bob Smith who wrote:

4 East Thomas Street

"I lived in 4 East William Street, where Mr Yeoman, stayed.  He was the local bookie.  He stood on the corner opposite Hutton the Cobblers.

The folk in my stair that I can remember are:




School Camp

"I went to school camp and only two of us had clean hair - me and Rose Robertson.  Our mothers would have been affronted if wee had nitsMy mother went nuts when I came home and had them."

Bob Smith, Edinburgh:  November 16, 2009




Pat Doyle


Thank you to Pat Doyle who wrote:

10 East Thomas Street

"I have just found your site, and I can't believe it. I thought East Thomas Street was gone from me for ever. I was born in number 10 in 1938 and lived there till I went to Australia in 1954.

I remember many families that have written and some that haven't been mentioned like:



Murphys at 10.

Murdocks at 11.

Fiskens at 12."


It certainly brings back my childhood when I read about the games we played (rounders, kick the can) and about the bonfires, the air raid shelters and the back greens.  I have tears while writing this."

Pat Doyle, Australia:  March 27, 2010




Irene Kirkwood (née Bryce)

Livingston Village, West Lothian, Scotland

Thank you to Irene Kirkwood who replied to Pat Doyle's comments (23 above).

Pat wrote:

10 East Thomas Street

"I remember going to visit Irene's mum (who we knew as Auntie Ena) and Pat and Vivian and her little sister, Helen, at East Thomas Street, with my mum, my sister Catherine and brothers Jim and Douglas. 

They also came to see us in Crewe Road North.  We also went to see them off at the Waverley Station on the train to London, when they left for Australia. 

We still think about them from time to time.   I would be pleased to hear how they are faring"

Irene Kirkwood (née Bryce), Livingston Village, West Lothian, Scotland:  March 30, 2010




Julie Roderick

Bunbury, Western Australia

Julie Roderick wrote:

5 East Thomas Street

"I am trying someone who may have known my grandfather, Thomas Clark Cruickshank. He was born to Isabella Cruickshank in 1892 and lived at 5 East Thomas Street."

Julie Roderick, Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia:  June 4, 2010

Reply to Julie

If you have any news for Julie, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to her.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs  June 4, 2010




George Scott

Buckstone, Edinburgh

Thank you to George Scott who wrote:

18 East Thomas Street

"I was born in 1957I have just read the recollections of 'Chinatown' from Linda Robertson and Rosalind Patons memories.

I stayed, most weekends, from the late 1960s, on the middle floor of No 18 East Thomas Street with my granny and grandad, Mary and Jock Hay.  Then I lived there, mostly full-time, with my grandad, after my granny passed away in 1969.

If my memory serves me right we were the last ones to be moved out prior to demolition, at which point we moved to Spey Terrace."

Mary Hay

"Most people would have remembered my granny as a happy old soul, as she was always looking out the window, speaking to everyone that passed by."

John Scott

"My older brother John stayed at No 18 during most of the 1960s.  He had a Mods' scooter with big eyes on the front of it.  He had a good pal called Nimmo."


"I remember going to Quinn's for a penny lolly.  She had a penny tray and lucky bags.  I also went to buy a single Woodbine for my grandad."


"I went to Learmonths for a fourpit of tatties and, to my eternal shame, me and my pals used to follow the oldest paperboy in the world (from Bruce's) and knock his bunnet off, when he walked down the street."


"Linda and Roz were good palsI  remember plays and shows in the the backgreen, near to Linda's house, when everybody would dress up, sing songs and do 'plays'."


"One of our highlights was Halloween.  Granny would put soot on my face, turn my school blazer inside out, put soot on my legs, and 2 or 3 of us would go 'guising'.

We would stand outside Middletons', singing Al Jolson songs, trying to get pennies from the drunkards inside. There were no child protection issues in these days!"

Bucket Day

"I was also good at going round the buckets on bucket day, trying to retrieve comics, which I would later swap at Bobbie's Bookshops.  That's where Linda and Roz probably got their 'scraps', including the coloured cherubs and fairies, girlie things that they used to keep in a book and also swap."

Woollen Jumpers

"My granny would try and pick up old woolen jumpers, which she would pull apart, then knit squares from them which she would make into big woollen blankets.  She was one of the first recyclers!"

Closing Time

"After closing time at 10pm my granny and I, and later on my grandad and I, would watch the drinkers coming home from Middleton's. One of them was always singing. He was nicknamed 'Cowboy' 'cos of his bandy legs, and he was always a happy drunk.

Other drunks were not so happy, and there were always loud domestic arguments taking place as their wives shouted at them from the open windows as they staggered home."


"Like Roz, I also remember the fire within the stair and the blistered paintwork on the walls that was never fixed.  I also remember frequently going into the 'burnt' house, just for a look.


"The summers highlight was always Nan Grant and her wind up record player / gramophone which she brought out onto the street when the sun shone.  We would all dance about or just sit and play marbles whilst listening to the music."


"Danny and Frankie Smith stayed on the ground floor.  Although Danny was older than me, he was a good pal.

I also remember 'Welshy'.  He must be the younger brother of an earlier contributor as this 'Welshy' was ages with me.  I still remember the day his family left the street."


"Welshy and I would get a shoebox, cut small square holes in it, write numbers above these cut-outs, then try and outscore one another by firing marbles through the holes.

Another favourite game was 'Soldiers', You made a line of shoes and slippers and put your soldiers in front of, and on top of, the shoes.  You then had a small cannon which fired matchsticks, and you tried to knock over your opponent's troops.  You could also use marbles if you ran out of matches.

When it rained, I would get a Swan Vesta or Regal matchbox and make a small boat which we raced down the gutter to the Siver.

I also used to gather up wooden lolly sticks which I would use to make a flying 'fan' or 'box'. It took ages to put together, and when it landed it fell to bits!!!."


"I was very pally with the older Billy Stevenson.  We all played football with:

-  the McManus boys

Jimmy Young

Gavin Davey

Billy Forbes

Colin and Billy McDonald.

George Scott, Buckstone, Edinburgh:  August 11, 2010






Thank you to Leonie for posting a message in the EdinPhoto guest book.

Leonie wrote:

5 East Thomas Street

Around 1900

"I am searching for any family connections of my late great grandfather, Thomas Clark Cruickshank(s). He was born at No. 5 East Thomas St and was the son of an unmarried (perhaps very young) Isabella Cruickshank, listed as a domestic servant at 19 Eglinton Street, Edinburgh.

I have read the recollections above, but it seems that they have been written about people that might have moved in after my g g grandmother had moved on/passed away.

Very little is known about my g grandfather's life.  He was born 1892 and by 1916 had already moved to Australia and married Harriet Bailey of which there were 4 children - 3 boys and 1 girl (my grandmother).

I have little understanding of East Thomas Street or the surrounding areas of Edinburgh and would appreciate any information, in terms of pointing me in the right direction as to land records etc. to find out who has lived at No. 5 East Thomas Street since 1860/1870."

Leonie, Australia:  Message and email address posted in EdinPhoto guestbook. November 13, 2010

Reply to Leonie

If you have any information or advice for Leonie, please, please email me, then I'll pass it on to her.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs  June 4, 2010



Donald Davidson

Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Thank you to Donald Davidson who wrote:

Edina Street

"I was born and lived at No 4 Edina St (part of the 'Chinatown Triangle') from 1945 until approx 1964I knew and went to school with the majority of people mentioned above.

My friends, when I lived at Edina Street, were:

- Gordon and Douglas Pride

big Finlay Wallbanks

Sandy Gordon, Easter Road

Angus Dunlop

-  Robert Moffat

to name a few."

School Reunions

"In fact,  in fact my wife and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Frank Morton (Howarth) and his sister, Rhona, in Niagara, Canada in September.

Irene Day (Sharrock) managed to trace me about 6 years ago and I try to make a point of going to the school reunions where old school friends from Leith Walk and Norton park meet up.

I remember was Douglas Boyd.  I believe his father was an artist.  Was he John F Boyd who specialised in transport pictures of Edinburgh circa 1950-56.  I have them adorning the walls of my house would be interesting to know if he was."

My Haunts

"My haunts were:

-  The Eastway

-  The Regent

-  The Salon

-  The Palais de Dance, when I got older.  (I met my wife there.)

 I remember the fishwife outside Middleton's pub, selling her mussels and buckies.  There used to be a fish and chip shop opposite Middleton's where you could get a bag of potato fritters for 2p.

Pig Bins

"I remember the 'figure 8' of concrete where the pig bins used to sit.  I think they survived til the late 1950s.  The bins were situated more or less opposite the wall that separated Middleton's from No 4 Edina Street."

Lemonade Bottles

"On a Saturday, I would get a hessian sack and go to the Hibs ground to get lemonade bottles to sell.  This would get us into the pictures and pay for sweets etc through the week.

Back Green Concerts

"Back green concerts were held through the summer.  I'm glad that there were people like Jackie Dennis and his sister.  They could sing but I certainly could not.  The concerts were a source of entertainment,  although I preferred the pictures.

JackieDennis went on to a little bit of fame, but it was short-lived I think his auntie lived in Elgin Terrace and he lived in Abbeyhill."

East Thomas Street

"It was nice to read about some of the people from East Thomas Street:

Chic, Rab and Linda Robertson

George and John Russell

the Martins

-  Terry Mulvey, who i will never forget

-  Theresa, who i believe still lives in Edinburgh

Terry and Arthur Jones"


"I remember:

Willie Hutton's shoe repair shop on the corner of Edina Street

MacIntyre's Dairy

- Learmonths Dairy


"I remember going  to the Bandy on a Friday at Abbeyhill Baptist church.  My father, who was an engineer, made the railings at the front of the church.  They are still there to this day, I believe."

My Gran, who lived at No 25 Elgin Terrace, used to make the non-alcoholic blackcurrant wine for the Communion.  When I knew she was making it, I would make a point of being there to get my bottle  -  delicious!"

Donald Davidson, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland:  November 13+19, 2010



Donald Davidson

Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Thank you to Donald Davidson for writing again.

Donald wrote:

Bucket Day

"As a kid, I used to deliver the milk for Leith Provident Co-op.

On bucket day I managed to rummage in the buckets for comics, rags, bottles, anything that could be read or soldThe rags went to Bruce Laird, down the lane off Easter Road.

Pocket money?  What was that?  All of us kids, back then, had very little."


"Was it Davy McEwan who had the junk shop in Brunswick Road?"


"As you read other people's memories on the web site, more memories keep coming back.  I'd like to hear from anyone who would like to contact me."

Donald Davidson, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland:  November 19, 2010

Reply to Donald?

If you'd like to send a reply to Donald, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.   Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 20, 2010



Christine Anderson (née Keith)

Duddingston, Edinburgh

Thank you to Christine Anderson (née Christine Keith of East William Street) for responding to Donald Davidson's comments above.

Christine wrote:

Edina Street

"Here are my memories of Edina Street:

-  There was a small shop there you could buy Penny Vantas  (diluted juice).

-  Further along on the next corner there would be  a  Musselburgh fishwife, every Saturday.   My Father  would buy me a threepenny saucer of mussels, while he went to Middletons Pub for his 'medicine'.

-  Across the road was a fish and chip shop where you could get a 'penny poke of scraps'    This was mostly batter off the fish and a few broken chips.  After a while, it closed and became a ladies hairdresser owned by Irene Baptie.

At the other corner was Hutton's, the Cobblers.  They  have passed the shop through generations and is still there.


    Shoe Shop at No 11 Edina Street ©

 Around the corner, in Elgin Terrace,  was Learmonth's Dairy,  shared by two sisters.

-  Across into East Thomas Street   Mrs Cunnison had her shop ."

Christine added:

Donald Davidson

"I wonder if Donald Davidson remembers a Violet Plain.  I think she stayed on the same side of the street as the 'Vanta' shop.

I met Donald and his wife at one of the Norton Park School reunions, but we never discussed where we stayed."

Christine Anderson (née Keith), Duddingston, Edinburgh  November 25, 2010



Anne McDonald (née Burns)

Thank you to Anne McDonald who wrote:


"I was born at 17 East Thomas Street in 1959 and lived there with my parents, Helen and Charlie, and my younger brother Charles until 1969.

My Auntie Katie and Uncle Archie Ashby lived at No 9.  My Auntie  Maisie Gerrity also lived at No 9, on the same floor.


"At No17 there lived:

-  Paddy and Sally Carr with two daughters Margo and Trishia.

-  Maudie and Hugh McDonald with her dog Butch.

-  Derek Melrose and his parents.

-  Jean and George Clarke with son George and daughter Jean.

-  Granny Hunter.

-  Nan and Bob Grant with there sons Ross and Raymond.

-  Ellen and Johnny Keighran with daughters Helen and Mary.

-  Mr and Mrs Mackay.

-  The Rosies.


"I had a lot of good friends who stayed at East Thomas Street some of them went to Leith Walk primary school with me there, including:

-  Jemby Mcgregor , who had an older sister Sandra.

-  Janet Dickson.

-  Janet Croback.

-  Janette Macintosh.

-  Derek  Melrose.

-  Maggie Smith..

We were good friends with Sadie and Bill Mcgeehan and there two daughters Margaret and Jean"

Backgreen Concerts

"I remember  a lot of the people who have been mentioned on your website with a lot of happy memories. I was one of the kids that was in one of the Backgreen Concerts with Linda Robertson and Rozland  Paton."

Anne McDonald (née Burns):  December 31, 2010



Anne McDonald (née Burns)

Leith, Edinburgh

Thank you to Anne McDonald for writing again.

Anne wrote:


"I have spoken to my mother, Helen Burns, and she has given me some other names of people that have also lived in East Thomas Street.  We are not sure of the stair numbers, but these are the names:

-  Nettie and Jimmy Malone with their son and daughter, Jim and  Janet.

-  Davina and Ronnie Trotter with their sons, David and Keith.irre mother.

-  Nellie and Lackie McLean with their two daughters, Wilma and Sandra

-  Wilma and Billy Jones, who were brother and sister. I'm not sure of their parents' names

-  Alan Young

-  Kim Liddle.  She had a brother called George

I hope someone else will remember the above names.

Rag Man

"I  wonder if anyone remembers the Rag Man who came round the street, blowing a trumpet, looking for old clothes.  He use to give us a balloon in place of the clothes.

Pirriers Toy Shop

"I also remember my mother going to Pirriers Toy shop, which was in Easter Road near the opening for the Hibernian football stadium, to get me a cowgirl outfit so that I could play cowboys and Indians with my friends."

Anne McDonald (née Burns). Leith, Edinburgh:  January 3, 2011



Carole Bathgate

Linlithgow, West Lothian

Carole Bathgate wrote:

The Leslie Family

"I have found a birth certificate for my aunt, Georgina Leslie.  She was born on April 18, 1900 at 7 East Thomas Street.

Her dad was Peter, a stableman (with the Co-op, I think)  and her mother was Jeanie.  She had a brother, John, and possibly another brother, Alexander.

I know it's a long time ago, but it would be nice to hear from  anyone who remembers any of the Leslie family."

Carole Bathgate, Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland (formerly Peffermill Road, Edinburgh):
email February 22, 2011 + message posted in EdinPhoto guest book, February 22, 20aa



Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Tam McLuskey who wrote:

Growing up in Chinatown

"I was born in 1942 at 13 East Thomas Street.  I lived there, along with my parents,  brother David, sister Sheila for many years and have great memories."


"I went to Leith Walk Primary school then Norton Park Secondary school. I was pals with:

 Pat Tait, 15 East Thomas Street

Rab and Chic Robertson,  5 East Thomas Street

-  Linda Smith, 4 East Thomas Street who I always had a childhood crush for

Michael Fraser and Billy Douglas"


"I went at fifteen to the whaling with Salvesen, then into the Merchant Navy.  I immigrated to Canada in 1969 and made my home at Shannon Lake Westbank British Columbia.

"I also knew the Martins and the MulveysI would love to hear from people from Chinatown."

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada::  March 14, 2011

Reply to Tam

If you remember Tam and would like to send a reply to him, please email me, than I'll pass your message on to him.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  March 16, 2011



Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Tam McLuskey for posting a message in the EdinPhoto guestbook.

Tam wrote:

Growing up in Chinatown

"Because there were seven of us in a room and kitchen in 13 East Thomas Street, my sister Sheila and I spent a lot of time living with my our grandmother at 2 Bothwell Street.  Her name was Edwards.

Holidays at Port Seton

In the summer, my father's mother, granny McLuskey from Clydebank Glasgow, had a caravan at Port Seton.  We would spend most of our summer holidays down there and although it was only about 12 miles from Edinburgh we used to send postcards to our friends in Chinatown telling them how great the weather was and wished that they were here.

Those were fantastic days and great memories. My nickname to a lot of people was 'Tom the atom bomb'."

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada:
Message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, March 18, 2011



Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Tam McLuskey for posting another message in the EdinPhoto guestbook.

Tam wrote:

Chinatown Friends

"My friends when I lived in Chinatown, at 13 East Thomas Street were:

 Melvyn Cowe

Ronnie Innes, also known as Tarzan

Pat Tait

John Carr

Hammy Townsely

Jimmy Divot

Rab and Chic Robertson

Michael Fraser

Billy Douglas

Jimmy Hartley

We were a great bunch of friends who stood by each other through all the hard times and good timesI miss them and love them.  It seems like just yesterday that we were all together hanging around."

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada:
Message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, March 20, 2011



Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Tam McLuskey added:

4  East Thomas Street

Tom and Linda Smith

"I would love to hear from either Lynda or Tommy Smith.  They lived at 4 East Thomas Street in the 1950s.

-  I know that Tommy went into the Royal Navy as a boy entrant.

-  Lynda was a good friend of mine and my sister..

So if anyone has any information on them, I would be thankful to hear."

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada:
Message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, March 20, 2011




Christine Anderson

Duddingston, Edinburgh

Thank you to Christine Anderson for replying to Tam McLuskey's question above.   I'm sorry to have to pass on the sad news about Tom Smith.

 Christine wrote.

Tom Smith

"I was a friend of Thomas.  When he joined the Navy in the late-1950s, he asked if I would write to him, which I did.

Unfortunately Tom had a accident while on the ship and fell overboard.  He may have only been twenty years old. 

Linda Smith

I have no knowledge about where Lynda may be.

Christine Anderson, Duddingston, Edinburgh:  March 23, 2011




Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Tam, who lived at  Chinatown -  No 13 East Thomas Street  -  , for sending more of his memories below.

Tam,  wrote:

5  East Thomas Street

"I remember well Irene and Rhona Howarth from 5 East Thomas Street.  I wonder if they remember Norma Jackson who also lived at No 5, in middle flat.  In the evening, we would all play 'Kick the Can'

Afterwards, we would all sit around on someone's windowsill and just talk.  I remember sitting for hours outside No 5 with - Rab Robbie Robertson) and laying traps to catch doos (pigeons).  Very seldom did we ever catch one."

Nelson's Hall

"Then later, along with Pat Tait and some others, we would all head to Nelson's Hall, part of Macdonald Road Library, and play draughts along with all the old guys"

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada:
Message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, April 16, 2011



Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Tam for leaving a message in the EdinPhoto guest book.

Tam,  wrote:


"Hi All,

You know I am so proud to have lived and had my youth in Chinatown*.   I have spoken so many times to my kids, grandkids and many Canadian friends about being a part of something special, a street where we basically had nothing.

We had no fancy cars, no fancy homes, no fancy clothes but we had something else.  We had friendship and a will to get ahead in life.

The number of people from Chinatown who are now spread all over the world, and of course Scotland, and who have done great in life through the experience of growing up in Chinatown is really fantastic.

Although I've been away from Chinatown since around 1960, it will always be a major part of my life."

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada:
Formerly 13 East Thomas Street, top flat first door, right above the Martins.

Message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, April 19, 2011

*  Chinatown = East Thomas Street, Edinburgh (now demolished)



Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Tam for posting a reply in the EdinPhoto guest book.

Tam,  wrote:


"My sister, Sheila McLuskey, and I lived at 13 East Thomas Street (Chinatown) from 1942 to 1960.  I was pals with Pat Tait and Robbie and all the guys that were around at that time."


"I went to Leith Walk Primary School.  Mrs Ingles was my teacher.  Then, I went to Norton Park and 'ding dong' Bell was my home teacher."

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada:
posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, June 14, 2011
in response to a
posting by Jim Muir, June 9, 2011.

*  Chinatown = East Thomas Street, Edinburgh (now demolished)



Eleanor Mcintyre

Portobello, Edinburgh

Thank you to Eleanor Macintyre who wrote:

14 East Thomas Street

"Can anybody tell me if there was a No.14 East Thomas Street, and a family called Henderson living there?

I can't seem to find out anything about No.14."

Eleanor Macintyre, Portobello, Edinburgh:  October 6, 2011



Tam McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Tam Mcluskey for posting messages in the EdinPhoto guest book.

Tom wrote:

Bothwell Street

"I was raised in East Thomas Street (Chinatown) but spent many happy years growing up living in the Ground Floor at No.2 Bothwell Street with my grannie, Mrs Edwards."


"I had many friends  from these long ago and very happy times at Bothwell Street, including:

Terry and Bernie Reilly

Ian Gordon

Mattie Bowes

Ronnie Innes

Elizabeth Rennie

Donald Fisher

Dennis Finn

I've not heard from them for many years, and would really like to know how they are now, and to get back in touch, if possible.

Maybe someone out there would like to get in touch."

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada
Message and email address posted in EdinPhoto guestbook:  November 7, 2011

Reply to Tam?

If you'd like to send a message to to Tam,  please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 8, 2011



Charles Lowson

who was known as

Charles Horne

Fareham, Hampshire, England

Thank you to Charles Lowson, known as Charles Horne, for sending lots of memories of the time when he lived at East Thomas Street

Tom wrote:


"I would have been known as Charlie Horne, born in 1942 at 15 East Thomas Street and leaving in 1962 to join the Royal Navy.

It brought back many memories reading through what has already been written. I lived on the top flat, next door to Pat Tait and Eddie Gray with my Mum and sisters Laura, Mary, Margaret and brother Alex."

The Baptist Church

"I think everyone who lived in East Thomas Street came into contact with The Baptist Church  -  Band of Hope, Life Boys, Cub Scouts

My sister Mary was married there and walked to and from the flat! The reception was held in the flat.  Two rooms were a little full."


"I recognised Tom McLuskie's name (Recollections 34-37 above) and remember his sister Sheila and her friend Margaret (Keirnan?). That was so long ago. Seeing where everyone has ended up is quite remarkable."

Co-op Stables

"The Co-op's Stables were on the corner of Easter Road and Albert Street. You could see into the yard from Easter Road and watch the horses being unhitched and finding their own way to their stalls.

Eddie Gray's father had stables in the entry arch off Albert Street.  I used to help out."

Middleton Pub

"Does anyone remember wedging the door at Middleton's Pub n Edina Street, so you could watch the TV above the bar at that end for the children's programmes?  -  usually at 5pm when the pub opened."

Buckie Wife

"The buckie wife who sat outside on Saturdays had the best cockles and mussels. I still haven't found any that taste better than hers."

Crolla's Ice Cream

"I remember Crolla's ice cream shop, before it became The Tiffin. It had black and white decor, two separate rooms and great ice cream.  My wartime sweetie ration was got from there."

Fish Shops

"Next door, towards Miele's was a wet fish ship run by a Mrs Neighbour. She wore a thick brown apron and wellie boots.

Do Miele's still sell white mealy pudding suppers?  The fish and chip shop in Edina Street were, I think, the first to introduce potato fritters  -  just like thick crisps."


"On the opposite corner of Edina Place was the Co-op. All together now - divi number

We used to queue on a Saturday to be served by the staff at the counter for the weekly 'messages'. When it became 'Self Service', customers were required to leave their shopping bags on shelves before shopping!"

Valvona & Crolla'

"Valvona & Crolla's store room was on the corner of Edina Street, next to McIntyre's Dairy.  It was all boarded up and painted green."


"Learmonth's was the popular shop, but Cunningham's on the corner of East Thomas Street had regular shoppers. I seem to remember a strong rivalry between the Learmonth sisters and Cunningham's"

The Jones Family

"At No 12 were the Jones family, whose two boys apparently were the doubles of two boys who had died some years before. They were also the first family to have a TV."


"I seem to remember having bonfires twice a year - May for Queen Victoria's Birthday or Empire Day and 5 November.  The wood used to be kept in the backgreen of 17.  Where did we get all that firewood from?"

Leith Walk School

"My first teacher at Leith Walk School was Miss Brown who became Mrs Forsyth and emigrated to New Zealand.  The Headmaster was a Mr Walker, and another teacher was either Miss Pryde or Miss Reid - I can't remember which.

Does anyone remember waiting for Friday afternoons to see which class got The Banner and was therefore allowed home half an hour early?

I also remember a handwriting competition organised by 'The Children's Newspaper' using proper pen and ink.  Ballpoint pens were not allowed.

My Quali Dance was 16 Dec 1953, before leaving the school the following June. We had soft drinks and sandwiches/cakes in the classroom and dancing in the gymnasium.

We practicedPractising the Dashing White Sargent and Gay Gordons etc for days beforehand.  Who says discos are a new thing?"

Backgreen Concerts

"The backgreen concerts were held in No 16.  They were great shows. Jackie Dennis did a great impersonation of Al Jolson. He lived at the Easter Road end of Brunswick Road.

He went on to have a No 1 in the Hit Parade - 1959?  He appeared on 'The Six Five Special' dressed in full highland dress!"

Charles Lowson (a.k.a. Charles Horne), Fareham, Hampshire, England:  December 3, 2011

Leith Walk Primary School

Charles also sent brief recollections of the time when he attended Leith Walk Primary School.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  December 4, 2011



Robert Baptie

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Robert Baptie for replying to the comments from Eleanor Mcintyre in Recollections 41 above.

Robert wrote:


No. 14

"Eleanor Mcintyre wrote 'Does anyone know if there was a 14 East Thomas Street and a family named Henderson living there?'

Although I don't know of the Henderson family, I can inform her that I know of three families who lived in No.14.  They were:

The Pedens, from around 1927

The Bapties, from around 1940 to 1954, and most recently

George & Harold Covell.  They also lived in 7 East Thomas Street and are now living at Easter Road"

My Family Tree

"I have been researching my family tree for the past couple of years and these people are all connected with my family and are of great interest to me."

Robert Baptie, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada:  April 20, 2012



Ian Campbell

Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, England

Thank you to Ian Campbell who wrote:

Home and Family


"I also have recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh.  I lived at No. 10 ground floor, first door on right, from birth in 1958 until 1970, and then we moved to a 4 bedroom house Murrayburn Gardens, Wester Hailes.  None of us live there now.

Also at 10, East Thomas Street was my father Rendall Johnston Campbell, known as Ron.  He used to work down at the goods yard at bottom of East Thomas Street and Brunswick Road, driving for NDL or NCL.   My father then started to drive HGVs for Freightliners in Portobello.  I'm not sure if these two  companies were taken over or amalgamated.

My mum, Joy Campbell, my older brother Peter and my five younger sisters Pauline, Patricia, Virginia, Caroline and Vivianne lived at No.10 as well, until we moved to Wester Hailes.

Ours was a tiny house, 2 rooms, a toilet and coal bunker.  There was a coal fire in each of the two main rooms.  You would walk in through the heavy front door. (The doors were made of real wood and were heavy in those days.)  In the lobby to the left  was the coal bunker, then further up the lobby was the toilet. (There was no bath and  no shower in those days.)

Across from the toilet, on right, was the bedroom for my sisters my brother and myself.  The far room had the kitchen sink under the window.  It was used as our dining room and sitting room, and dad and mum's bedroom.


Nos. 9 + 10

"I was even more amazed to actually find this picture of 9+10 East Thomas Street on the EdinPhoto site. Thank you to Stanley Middleton, Perthshire, formerly of the Calton Youth Ministry, for providing this photo.

East Thomas Street

Nos 9 + 10 East Thomas Street

© CaltonYouth Ministry with acknowledgement to Stanley Middleton, Perthshire
 Photo provided by Davie Martin, Edinburgh

"That's our ground floor windows at the back of the little van with the reg no. RSF 979. The van was not ours.

This photo clearly shows our old windows with full wire mesh on both windows. That was because we'd had windows broken on more than one occasion by footballs.  The mesh was put up before I was born.  I don't recall any windows being broken.

A couple of people at school used to refer to our house as 'The Prison' because of the meshing on both windows!

We used to play in our street with some of the  neighbours.  I think there used to be some vehicle restriction from 3pm or 4pm till dusk.  The sign, I'm sure, used to be outside Nos. 12/12a." ***

***  Update

After writing his message about the sign showing the vehicle restrictions in East Thomas Street, Ian Campbell had another look at the EdinPhoto web site and found this photo of the sign:

Calton Youth Ministry, at NW corner of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh

©  Calton Youth Ministry
with acknowledgement to Stanley Middleton, Perthshire
.  Photo provided by Davie Martin, Edinburgh

The sign reads:




Ian Campbell, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, England:  Aug 9, 2012

Primary School.

"I attended Leith Walk Primary School from age 4.5 to 12 years.  My nickname used to be 'Bridget the Midget'. (It's a height thing.)

My teachers were a Miss Reid, then I think Mrs Greenfield, upstairs.  The Headmaster was Mr Walker and the PE Teacher was Mr Sampson or Samson.  I was also in the class, for a period, that was tucked away in the alcove beside the janitor's office.

I used to be Milk Monitor.  I can still remember having to punch holes in the tops of the milk bottles and having to put in the straws for our classroom.  The milk was always always warm as it had been sitting for a while.  I always had  a spare for bottle of milk for myself, and always had school dinners and 'seconds'.  

School Outings

I loved the school outings.  Now, where did we go?

-  Moorfoot Hills (a weekend trip)

Edinburgh Zoo

Edinbirgh Photographic Society Outing to Edinburgh Zoo  -  Patagonian Sealion  -  May 2010 ©

-  Edinburgh Castle

Photograph by Norward Inglis  -  Viewed from the South-East in Johnston Terrace ©

The Scotsman newspaper offices

Firth of Forth to see the bridges.

The Forth Bridges  -  Forth Rail Bridge, 1960s ©

-  Rosyth Dockyard to see a submarine.
(I think it was HMS Dreadnought..  We did not get on board the submarine. We just admired it from the quay side in the rain.)

-  McDonald Road Fire Station


(We went there to see the new yellow Bedford  fire engine, Reg. No. JFS741E, and trailer.  We also  had a look around the mock-up ship where they used to train firemen in dealing with the ship and rig fires.)

-  Sir Walter Scott Monument.

Postcard  -  Castle Series  -  Sir Walter Scott Monument ©

(I'm sure we got a certificate for walking all the way to the top and back down again.)

I never got to go on any any of the school cruises - no money!

At the School Leaving Do dance, I asked a girl who used to live in Edina Place, 2 or 3 doors down on left."


"I'm sure there used to be a shop at each of the bottom corners of East Thomas Street.  Yes, them were the days - 4 Black Jacks or 4 Fruit Salad, or a combination, for 1 old penny.

However, my favourite was something called Sports Mixture, a bit like wine gums but harder.  I can taste them now.  Maynard's make them now, but they are not the same.  Yes, they are the same shapes and taste, but they are softer.  now than they used to be.

I also remember:

-  Learmonth's in Elgin Terrace at the top of our street.

-  Go around the corner into Edina Street, up to Easter Road, turn right and there used to be a butchers shop there, Keller's or McKeller's.  It was a proper butcher's shop with sawdust on the floor.

I remember the family as they got me out of a real sticky situation one day.  I think I was about 7 or 8 years old.  There used to be a post box about one or two doors down from the shop.  That day, I had to post a letter for my Mum and get some shopping.   I posted the letter - and the shopping list for the butcher's and also the money that was wrapped inside the butcher's note!

So I went into the butcher's and told him what I had done.  He went into his back office and, after what seemed like a long time, someone from the Post Office came round, opened the box and rescued the butcher's note and money.  So I got what I needed, and the butcher wrote a note saying that the hold-up was down to them being busy.

-  Across the road was the chippie, on the corner of Easter Road and Edina Place.

Just down from the chippie was The Tiffin.  It used to sell Crolla's ice cream - free ice cream for me, whenever I passed!

-  Further up Easter Road was Rankin's, and the bread shop, where you could get a pan loaf or a plain loaf.

At the top of Easter Road, on left side, was a supermarket."


"Opposite the supermarket in Easter Road was London Road Church.  I was baptised there by the Rev. Scott W Reid.

I went to Bible Class there, and was in the Cubs, then the Boys' Brigade as the Scout Master thought that I was too short for the Scouts."

Play Time and School Holidays

"We used to kick the odd ball or tin can in the street, and play marbles in the gutters and using the cracks in pavements.

The old swing park was in Montgomery Street.  I can remember getting my head stuck, on more than one occasion, while squeezing through the gate bars."

Play Park

Looking to the NE from East Montgomery Place

©  Calton Youth Ministry with acknowledgement to Mr Stanley, now living in Perthshire
Photo provided by Davie Martin, Edinburgh

"The Parkie was sometimes late to open the park and unlock the swings.  So there I was, determined to get on the chute as the swings and everything else were locked up.

 I tried to squeeze through the gate railings, but I could not get my head through them, and became stuck fast.  My body and limbs were in the park and my head was stuck in the railings."

Police Box

"There was an old Police Box on the corner of Montgomery Street and East Montgomery Place.

Police Box beside the Play Park

Police Box on the corner of Montgomery Street and East Montgomery Place

© Steven Kay (Stevfaeembra), Edinburgh                                                 March 22, 2009

"I wonder if it's still there now.  Maybe it's been sold on eBay as a Tardis."

The Police Box is still there on the corner of the street, but now very much hidden amongst the trees.

 Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 4, 2012

"I can remember having to sit in the police box one morning, eating a Policeman's spam roll (that was supposed to be his lunch and ended up being my breakfast) and having a cup of tea, one day, after he got me unstuck from the railing.  I had to wait there until the Parkie opened up the park."

Getting up to Mischief  -  Who,  Me?

"Well, we were all young once, and these were times when it was safe for a child to wander the streets, without fear.

What can i say?

String  attached to letter boxes.

Potatoes in car exhausts pipes.

It was funny then, and it still makes me chuckle today.


"I used to have weekly trips to the Doctor, Mr Miller of 5 McDonald Road. to collect  prescriptions for my Mum.

He used to let me take his two Chow-Chow dogs down the road for a walk. I used to walk down to the fire station which was further down on the opposite side of the road, then back up the road to the surgery.

The firemen used to say that the dogs were more like bears than dogs.  I remember, they had me stand in front of the yellow tender in the station, and took a picture which I think was sent to Doctor Miller."

I Shall Always be Greatful

"Times were hard.  We did what we did to survive, and it made us stronger for it Although we were poor, as were most of the families in the surrounding area, we were always looked after with treats, money and kindness from the local shops and the local people.  For that, I shall always be greatful."

Ian Campbell, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, England:  July 18+19, Aug 3+5, 2012




Ian Campbell

Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, England

Ian Campbell who found photos, on the EdinPhoto web site, of of another place that he recognised from the time when he used to live in East Thomas Street.  (Please click on the thumbnail images below to enlarge them.)

Ian wrote:

Bowling Greens

    Hillside Bowling Club, Edinburgh  -  Photo taken 2010 © 

"The big secret here was 'the hidden bowling green'. I remember it well.  You could access it from Brunton Gardens or Wellington Street.

      Hidden Bowling Green between Montgomry Street and London Road ©

If you came down Montgomery Street from Elgin Terrace, the hidden bowling green was on the left, and then on the right were the commoner bowling greens.  I think there were two that adjoined the swing park where I used to play.

The commoner bowling greens were accessed via South Elgin Street or Montgomery Street and also via the swing park  I used to play in swing park for most of the day, 8am-6pm.

I needed to know where one could legally pee, so the bowling green is where I used the facilities."

Ian Campbell, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, England:  Aug 9, 2012




Carole Moncur (née McMahon)


Thank you to Carole Moncur (née McMahon) for posting a message in the EdinPhoto Guestbook.

Carole wrote

No.11  -  Eleven Children

"I was born at 11 East Thomas Street in 1950. I am one of the McMahon family. My mother was Agnes. She had 11 children in that small ground floor flat.

From the eldest down, there were:

-  Andrew





Anne (deceased)



Carole (myself)



Carole Moncur (née McMahon), Edinburgh
Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook:  August 16, 2012

Message 1
for Carole Moncur


If you read Tom McLuskey's reply to you in Rcollections 48 below and would like to contact him, please email me, then I'll pass on his email address to you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 18, 2012

Message 2
or Carole Moncur


I now know of a second person who would like to contact you.  It's Win Johnstone of Australia who wrote Recollections 50 below. 

Please email me, then I'll pas on his email address to you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  August 18, 2012




Tom McLuskey

Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Tom McLuskey who used to live next door to the family of Carol Moncur (47 above) posted a reply to Carol in the EdinPhoto Guestbook.

Tom wrote:


"Hi Carole:

"I was raised at No.13 East Thomas Street (Chinatown) in the top flat above the Martins and Mulveys.  I lived with my parents, my sisters, Sheila, Ray and Janice, and my brother, David.

I remember your family, especially Andrew.  I live in Canada now and have done so since 1968.  I'd love to hear from you."

Tom McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Reply to Carol's message of August 16, 2012 posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, 17 August 2012




Thomas Wilkie

Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Here is a message that Thomas Wilkie added to the EdinPhoto Guestbook:

Searching for Jack Wylie

"My cousin, Jack Wylie lived at No.5 East Thomas Street.  I'd like to catch up with him.  I've not heard from him in 65 years."

Jack Wilkie, Edinburgh

Message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, September 15, 2012

I was pleased to see that within five days, Thomas had received two replies, both giving their email addresses to Tomas.   Thomas responded with 'Reply 3 below, giving his own email address and contact details.

Here are extracts from the replies:

Reply 1

Jack Wylie, Canada, wrote:

"Hi Thomas.

I couldn't believe it when I saw your posting.  Imagine, after all these years.  Yes, it must be 65 years, at least.

I left East Thomas Street when I was eleven.  Since then, I have lived in Australia, South Africa and now Canada since 1977.

I asked my sister, Liz in Edinburgh, not long ago if she ever heard about the Wilkies.  I hope I can get your email address.  We must have so much to talk about."

Jack Wylie, Canada:
Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook, September 18, 2012.


Reply 2

Tam McLuskey, Canada, wrote:

"Hi you guys.  I don't know if you remember us, the McLuskeys, Tam and Sheila.

As kids in the 1950s we lived in the top flat at 13 East Thomas Street (Chinatown).

I'd really like to get in touch

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, West Bank, British Columbia, Canada
Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook, September 20, 2012.


Reply 3

Tomas Wilkie replied:

"Hi Jackie.  It's great to hear from you.  It has been a long time. I hope you and family are well.  I've sent you an email ..."

Thomas Wilkie, Gilmerton, Edinburgh
Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook, October 2, 2012.





Win Johnston
maiden name

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Winifred Johnston who wrote:

Agnes McMahon

"I was thrilled to read Rhona Adams’ recollections of East Thomas Street, and was amazed to find mention of my auntie, Agnes McMahon.

Agnes had more than 9 children, all living in a room and kitchen. She was a warm and loving mother who raised the family, mostly on her own, with infinite patience.   The children's names that I remember are:

-  Andrew

-  Maureen

-  Betty

-  Margaret

-  Michael

-  Peter

-  Carole

I remember visiting the family.  My auntie was constantly at the sink doing a load of washing. I often wonder where all my cousins ended up."

 The McMahon Family

"I wonder where the McMahons are now.  They are probably spread all over the world.

When I visited Scotland in 1998, I found a few Mc Mahons in the telephone book, but those I called told me that they had not lived in East Thomas Street."

Win Johnston:  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  July 14+15, 2013

Reply to Win?

Do you remember any of the McMahon family from East Thomas Street, or know where any of them might be now. 

If you do, and would like to pass on a message about them to Win, please email me, then I'll give you Win's email address.   

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  July 15, 2013




Win Johnston
maiden name

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Winifred Johnston for writing again about her Auntie Agnes.

Win wrote:

Agnes McMahon

"I remember my Auntie Agnes, one summer’s evening, sitting on the floor with children all over her.  She had her last shilling in her hand, about to put it in the gas meter so she could light the gas light, and instead she gave it to the children to buy penny ice pops.  So there was no light that night or gas to make a cup of tea.

My auntie had a profound effect on me, and I remembered her often when I had my children, and wondered how in God’s name she survived."

Win Johnston:  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  July 15, 2013




Susan Harte

Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland

Thank you to Susan Harte who wrote:

My Mum

"My mum, Maureen McMahon, now lives in Prestonpans, East Lothian. We were talking about East Thomas Street yesterday. My mum was sharing her memories of the 11 children living in a room and kitchen at East Thomas Street.  All 11 are now living in the Edinburgh and Fife area, except Betty who is in America."

Granny Agnes and Auntie Anne

"Sad to say, my granny Agnes and my Auntie Anne are no longer with us.  Granny Agnes passed away in 2000, and  Auntie Anne a few years later.

Agnes certainly was an amazing lady. She had 27 grandchildren.  Great grandchildren started to arrive 1987.  The family moved to a 4-bedroom house in Broomhouse around 1959.  It was a castle to them, back in those days."

Christmas Times

"I have happy memories of Christmas times spent with the family at my granny's home, after she moved back into a 1-bedroom house.  All the family would gather. Granny always loved a wee sing song with the family all around her."

Susan Harte, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland:   September 8, 2013




Danny Smith


Thank you to Danny Smith who wrote:

No. 18

Our Family

"I lived in No 18 East Thomas Street in the 1960's with:

-  my Dad:    Philip (the boiler man at Abbeyhill washhouse)

-  my Mum:  Mary (née Goodwin)

-  BrothersFranky




-  Sisters:     Margaret,


I also had an older sister, Janet who stayed with my Gran.


"Reading the recollections of neighbours and friends on the EdinPhoto web site has brought back many memories to me.

-  George Scott, one of the contributors to the site, was my cousin and my pal.  He lived at No.46 East Thomas Street."

I used to play football at Montgomery Street swing park with

the Youngs

-   the McManuses.

-   Hughie Love

-  I remember Proctor's shop was at the bottom of the road and going to Quin's shop.

I went to St Mary's Primary School at York Place and then to St Anthony's Secondary School at Lochend.

I remember Mrs Grant with her gramophone.  She used to watch us when my mum was working.

Danny Smith, Edinburgh:  January 23, 2013 + February 22, 2014




Diane Burn


Diane Burn wrote:

The Burn Family


"I've been doing research into my late father's side of the family, the Burn family.  I know that most of the family would have gone to Norton Park school and Leith Primary school.

Charles Burn


Charles Burn moved to 3 South Elgin Street from East Lothian with his wife Eliza Deans in the late-1890s or early-1900s.  He died in 1910 whilst living at 10 South Elgin Street and had 8 children:

-  Euphemia

-  Elizabeth

-  Richard

-  Catherine

-  Charles

-  Jane

-  Benjamin and

-  Thomas

Thomas Dean Burn


"One of Charles' sons, Thomas Dean Burn, and his wife, Agnes, went on to have 8 children, all born at 11 East Thomas Street.  This is the family line that I'm looking at in particular."

Thomas Murphy Burn


"Thomas Murphy Burn, my grandad, was one of the eight children born at 11 East Thomas Street.  He had two children:

-  my dad, Thomas Francis McMeekin Burn.

-  my dad's sister, Elizabeth (Betty) Burn.

 Thomas Francis McMeekin Burn


"My dad,  was born 1937.  He was brought up in Dalry area, but his family moved back to the East end of town to Piershill and dad went to Parsons Green primary school then on to Norton Park secondary school.

I wonder if anyone at all may remember anything about the Burn family.  Please send me a message if you do remember any of the family."

Diane Burn, Edinburgh, February 22 + March 17, 2014

Reply to Diane Burn?

If you'd like to send a reply to Diane Burn, please email me, then I'll pass on her email address to you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  April 21, 2014




Duncan McDonald

Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland

Thank you to Duncan McDonald who wrote:

The Gray Family

"Although I lived in Easter Road in the 1950s, I played most of the time around East Thomas Street.

My best pal was Eddie Gray who lived there.  His dad was a 'general dealer' and was much involved with horses.

One of our little jobs was going round Broughton and such salubrious places with bags of horse dung for the gardeners Any run in Eddie Senior's lorry was a great treat

There were at least two sisters in Eddie house and a more generous family would be hard to meet.

It would be good to hear if anybody else remembers the Gray family, and even better to hear any of the family are still around."


"East Thomas Street was full of characters some were less than saintly, but they were the salt of the earth."

Duncan McDonald, Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland:  November 28, 2014

Reply to Duncan

If you'd like to send a reply to Duncan McDonald, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on his email address to you.

Thank you.

 Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  December 20, 2014




Paul Munro

Thank you to Paul Munro for following up a subject raised by Charles Lawson (aka Charles Home) in his Recollections 43 above.

Paul wrote

My Mother

Margaret Kiernan

"Charles Lowson mentions (I believe) the woman who was to become my mother 'Margaret Kiernan'.

I was born in 1968, in Elsie Inglis before living in East Thomas Street until moving from there when I was around 5 years old, 1973.

Margaret Kieran was born in East Thomas street in 1944.  She lived there with her older sister Agnes and their younger brother George. They lived with their father (my grandfather) George, aka Geordie."

My Grandfather

'Last Man Standing''

"I am also led to believe that my Grandfather, George, was the 'last man standing' in East Thomas Street before it was finally demolished.

My very earliest childhood memories are still clear as day. I remember having 'races' with other kids from the street going around the block. I also remember the 2 shops on either corner of the bottom of the street."

Paul Munro:  June 3, 2015




Robert Dalton
 Robert Erskine

Thank you to Robert Dalton who wrote

7 East Thomas Street

"I lived at no 7East Thomas Street from around 1960 to 1968.  My name then was Robert Erskine.  My mum's name was Cathy and my dad's name was Sonny.  My dad was in the army, so we didn't see a lot of him.

I remember some of the names of other contributors to theEdinPhoto web site.  I went to Leith Walk Primary School, and  would like to talk more."

Robert Dalton (formerly Robert Erskine):  July 23, 2015




Danny McAllister

Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England

Thank you to Danny McAllister who wrote:

My Family at East Thomas Street

" I lived in east Thomas Street from 1967 to 1973, on and off.  My time there wus the best days of my life.  All my family wus living there:

-  my granny Phamia

-  my auntie Esther

-  my uncle Tommy

 I went to Leith Walk Primary School, then on to Drummond Secondary at Bellevue.

I remember the Post Office very well.


 old Mrs Smith's

-   Mrs Quinns

-  the Proctor brothers."

Move to from East Thomas Street

"When we moved to Gracemount in the summer of 1973, I hated it.  I used to get the bus back to Bellevue every day.

We used to go to the 'Band of Hope'.  That's all long gone now, but my memories are still with me.

I live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire now, but go back to Edinburgh regularly.  I go down Easter Road and have a wee look.  That's still the same.

But there's:

 no east Thomas Street

no Bernado's chippy

no Melie's chippy

-  no Tiffin

no Rankin, fruit and veg.

All gone fruit and veg.

There will be a lot of people reading this that can't remember me or my family, but there may also be a lot who will remember us."

Danny McAllister, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England:  25 April 2016




Joseph McMahon

Thank you to Joseph McMahon who wrote:

11, East Thomas Street

"I lived at No.11 East Thomas Street, and  can recall the names of some of my neighbours there:

-  Robertsons , Hogarths  -  No.5

-  Taylors,  Mckays,  Butlers   -  No.12

Mulvey’s,  Martins   -  No.13

-  McKenzies, Scotts, Cockburns, Blacks.

Shops that I remember at the bottom of the street were:

-  Cunnison’s



Our grandfather Peter Judge lived at No.1 South Elgin Street

I am a cousin to Win Johnston from Melbourne Australia who wrote Recollections 49 and 50 above and other recollections on the EdinPhoto web site."

Joseph McMahon:  8 March 2017

Reply to Joseph McMahon?

If you'd like to send a message to Joseph, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on his email address to you.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:    8 March 2017


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