Harewood Road


Harewood Road  -  1991

Wauchope Terrace, Craigmillar

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Eric Gold, East London, formerly of Dumbiedykes and Craigmillar, Edinburgh


Harewood Road

Eric Gold's House

Thank you to Eric Gold, now living in the East End of London, for providing this picture of Harewood Road, Craigmillar.  Eric moved from Dumbiedykes to 5 Harewood Road, Craigmillar when the tenements at Dumbiedykes were being demolished in 1961.

His house was on the middle floor at the right hand stair in this photo.

Eric has sent me some of his memories of life in Dumbiedykes, Craigmillar and Niddrie.


Craigmillar streets and house


Recollections of Craigmillar