Heriot Hill Terrace

Street Party

Coronation - 1953

Looking down Heriot Hill Terrace towards Rodney Street and The Ritz cinema

Heriot Hill Terrace  -   Coronation Street Party  -  1953

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jim Duncan and Anne Simons


Street Party  -  Coronation 1953

Thank you to Jim Duncan for sending me this photograph showing the street party in Heriot Hill Terrace about to commence.

Heriot Hill Terrace is a short cul de sac leading to the NE from Rodney Street, Canonmills/Broughton, opposite the Ritz Cinema.

The party was held in June 1953 to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II *

* or Queen Elizabeth, as some preferred to call her, as she was the first Queen Elizabeth to reign over Scotland.

Jim added:

Heriot Hill Terrace

"I am quite noticeable in my blazer, Brylcreem and National Health glasses. (Talk about a geek!)

My brother, Hugh, and sister, both eight years old, are across from me.

The Ritz

The queue for the ABC Ritz picture house is also evident along with the R S McColl sweetie shop next door."

Jim Duncan:  May 3, 2009

More Photos

Here is another photo of the street party, and a photo of what may have been the organizing committee for the party.

©    Heriot Hill Terrace  -   Coronation Street Party  -  1953  -  Possibly the Orgainizing Committee ©

Acknowledgement1:  Jim Duncan for sending this photo to me:  May 3, 2009.

Acknowledgement2:  Ann Simons (née Nielson) who supplied the photo at the top of this page to Jim.



Andi Kirkpatrick

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to Andi Kirkpatrick who wrote:

Heriot Hill Terrace


"I was born in a flat on Heriot Hill Terrace.  Across the road, there was a wee red haired boy called Patrick.  He was my best pal until we left the street in 1955.  I was 5 years old on leaving.

Do you have any idea who that might have been?  It is not a big street and I believe Patrick was also  born about 1950."


"The two of us were caught skinny dipping at the reservoir at Pudducky and the police had to bring us up the bank gently before we fell into the water and drowned.

I can actually remember sliding down those banks.  Oh my God, we could have drowned!

The ice cream truck was there and we were told that we would have ice cream cones waiting for us on our arrival to a safe place.  We gathered quite a crowd and our mothers were angry, to say the least.  Ha ha

Andi Kirkpatrick, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  April 1, 2013


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