4 Hyvot Terrace


Prefab Housing

 Prefab at 4 Hyvot Terrace, Gilmerton  -  photo taken 1961

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ron Ross, Brampton, Ontario, Canada


4 Hyvot Terrace

Thank you to Ron Ross for allowing me to reproduce this photo of his prefab  house in Gilmerton.

Ron wrote:

Prefab House

"This photo is of the prefab I lived in at 4 Hyvot Terrace from 1949 until 1958.

The prefabs were lovely little houses with their own front and back gardens.  My dad did a wonderful job in our garden, and it's a pity that the picture is not in colour to show off the roses.

The picture was taken in 1961, about a year before the prefabs were all demolished."

Ron Ross, Brampton, Ontario, Canada:  February 3, 2009


Prefab Housing

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