Lindsay Road

Beside Leith Docks to the east of Newhaven Harbour

Lindsay Road (south side)  -  2006

Lindsay Road - beside Leith Docks to the east of Newhaven harbour

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                Photograph taken 11 November 2006


Lindsay Road

Devlin Family

Lindsay Road is one of the streets of Trinity, Newhaven and Leith that I photographed in connection with members of the Devlin family, trawler owners who operated from Granton Harbour.  I intend to add more details about the Devlin family and their business to this web site later.

The Devlin family's connection was with No 5 Lindsay Road, the building painted blue at ground floor level.

Beside the Firth of Forth

The buildings here are on the south side of Lindsay Road, a road that used to run alongside the Firth of Forth, but now separated from it by Leith Western Harbour (out of the picture on the right-hand side) now being substantially reclaimed for housing as part of the Edinburgh Waterfront developments.

Recent Changes

Other changes seen recently in this area are the introduction of large communal 'wheelie bins' for rubbish ( - two can be seen to the left of the blue building) and speed cameras ( - one can be seen to the right of the blue building).


Lindsay Road


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