View to the east along

Lower Granton Road

Looking towards Trinity Road

Nos 1-12, Lower Granton Road  -  Looking east  -  2007

Nos 1-12 Lower Granton Road  -  Looking to the east towards Trinity Road

  Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                                Photographed July 23, 2007 at 8.18pm


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   Nos 1-12 Lower Granton Road  -  Looking to the east towards Trinity Road


1-12 Lower Granton Road


This photo was taken on a fine and sunny July evening.

It looks to the east along Lower Granton Road towards Trinity Road.  The tenements in this picture are Nos 1-12 Lower Granton Road.  No 12 is closest to the camera.  They are on the southern side of the road and look out over the Firth of Forth (just out of the picture on left-hand side).

The buildings on the extreme left of the picture are in Starbank Road, Newhaven.  The light building beside them is on the corner of Trinity Road and Trinity Crescent.

Grass Strip

The grass strip follows the route of the old railway from Granton Harbour to Trinity Station (then on to Edinburgh Waverley station.

The railway used to run:

-  along an embankment (in the foreground, now removed)

-  over a bridge (at Trinity Road /Trinity Crescent junction, now removed)

-  to Trinity Station (in the trees in background, now private housing).

One day, some time after 2010, trams may run along the grass strip, if Line 2 from Edinburgh to Granton Harbour is extended to  meet Line 1 from Newhaven to the centre of Edinburgh and on to the Airport.

This would create a loop around northern Edinburgh as was envisaged when the plans for new trams were first proposed


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