Lutton Place

Central Parking


Lutton Place, Central Parking 1967-68

 Copyright: Ron Dingwall, Perth, Edinburgh


Lutton Place

The Photo

Thank you to Ron Dingwall for allowing me to reproduce this photograph looking down on Lutton Place from his top flat at 30 Lutton Place, around 1967-68

This view looks to the west along Lutton Place towards South Clerk Street.  The street on the left is Oxford Street.




Steven Oliver

Duns, Borders, Scotland

Thank you to Steven Oliver who sent me a lot of information about out one of the lamp posts in this photo. 

Here is an extract from Steven's comments:

Lamp Post

"The lamppost on the corner of Lutton Place and Oxford Street still exists today, but in a different location - on the Dean Bridge.  It is a Falkirk Lighting Co column, which looks outwardly identical to similar ones manufactured by Mackenzie Bros, but with a few detail differences.

When Rankeillor Street, Montague Street and Lutton Place were built, all of these streets each received two Falkirk Iron Co cast-iron columns to light them.  In the 1950s, concrete columns were installed in these streets to improve lighting levels, providing infill for the 'Falkirk' columns.

In 1989, these streets were relit with new columns and lanterns.  The 'Falkirk' columns were removed and cut-up on site, except for one column, this being the one on the corner of Lutton Place and Oxford Street. 

This column had its lantern removed before it was lifted out of the ground and placed on the back of a lorry.  It was then transported to the Dean Bridge, where it was installed to replace a Mackenzie and Moncur 'Slimline' column on the south-east side of the bridge, and harmonise the installation with two Mackenzie Bros columns already on the bridge.

Once a new lantern was found for it, the column was up and running in its new home by the end of the same day."

Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland:  February 25, 2010