Stirling Road


Zetland Place

December 2009

Stirling Road, Trinity, Edinburgh  -  December 2009

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                              Photograph taken December 23, 2009


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   Stirling Road, Trinity, Edinburgh  -  December 2009


Stirling Road


Stirling Road was built beside Lomond Park at Trinity in the 1890s.  It was beginning to be occupied by 1893.  At that time (and until Edinburgh and Leith amalgamated in 1920) Trinity was part of Leith.

Lomond Park

Lomond park is a small private park in the middle of Trinity, with open ground, tennis courts and a bowling green.

The roads on all sides of Lomond Park were named after ships on the Leith Register in the are:

-  Stirling Road (on the west side) named after Stirling Castle

-  Lennox Road (on the north side) named after Lennox

-  Lomond Road (on the east side) named after Ben Lomond

-  Zetland Place (on the south side) named after Earl of Zetland

The Photo  -  2009

This view looks to the SW east from the SW corner of Lomond Park.

-  The road leading from lower-right to upper-left is Stirling Road, heading towards Goldenacre.

-  The road leading from lower-left to upper-right is Zetland Place, heading towards Netherby Road that runs along the eastern side of Wardie Primary School playing fields.

This photo was taken on the morning of December 23, 2009, just after a heavy snow fall.  The snow lay on the ground for about another week before thawing.

Aerial View  -  1947

Here is an aerial view of part of Trinity, including Lomond Park, taken in 1947:

Aerial view of North-west Trinity, Edinburgh  -  1947

Source ('History' and 'Lomond Park' above):  'The Place Names of Edinburgh'  (Stuart Harris:  Publ. 1996)


Stirling Road

Aerial Views of Trinity Trinity

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