Aerial Photograph




The Firth of Forth runs along the northern part of this aerial view, with the old North British railway line crossing the bridge at Lower Granton Road.  The railway track and bridge have now been removed.

Lomond Park with its tennis courts and bowling green is in the lower-left corner of this view.

North-west Trinity  -  1947

Aerial view of North-west Trinity  -   1947

  Reproduced courtesy of RCAHMS


Key to the aerial view of north-west Trinity  -  1947

  The aerial photograph to which this key has been added is reproduced courtesy of RCAHMS



Aerial View of North-west Trinity, including Lomond Park  -  1947


Aerial views of Trinity  -  1947

Aerial Views of Trinity



Wardie School -  1930s to 1980s

Granton + Trinity + Wardie  -  1940s

Granton + Trinity + Wardie - 1950s to 1960s


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