New apartments at

Tower Place


November 2005

Tower Place  -  New apartments  -  photographed November 2005                                                                                                             Photo taken November 1, 2005


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   Tower Place  -  New apartments  -  photographed November 2005


Tower Place


These new apartments are at the entrance from the Shore to Leith Docks.

The Water of Leith lies just to the left of the small white lighthouse on the left side of the picture.  The Malmaison Hotel lies out of the picture on the right.

Please click on the thumbnail image below to zoom-out and see these apartments from Bernard Street Bridge across the Water of Leith:

The cruise liner, Ocan Mist, moored on the Water of Leith at The Shore, Leith  -  November 2005

Addresses + Dates

This view looks to the north towards Leith Dock.  It looks towards the south-facing side of the apartments.  The address of these apartments is:

-  East-facing:      6, 10, Tower Place

-  South-facing:  12, Tower Place

-  West-facing:    37 Ocean Drive

-  North facing:   31, 33, 35 Ocean Drive

On the north-facing side there is the name Queen's Quay and the date 2002.

On the small white lighthouse on the left of this photo, there is a date in Roman numerals MCMXCIV  (1994).



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