Henderson Street


Looking down Yardheads and across the gardens to Henderson Street

This photo was taken from the corner of Yardheads and Henderson Gardens.
The spires of two churches in Constitution Street can be seen in the background.

Looking down Yardheads and across the gardens to Henderson Street

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sandra Cochrane, Consecon, Ontario, Canada.

Thanks you also to John Stewart, Livingston, West Lothian Scotland
This photo and others donated by Sandra appear on John Stewart's Old Leither web site.



Richard Kent

Leith, Edinburgh

Thank you to Richard Kent who wrote:

Yardheads and Henderson Street

"I have been researching my family history, and was particularly fascinated to see the photograph of Yardheads looking towards Henderson Street

I discovered in my researches that the area between Yardheads and Giles Street where the triangle-shaped park now stands was, until the 1890s, a series of small closes, all swept away to make way for Henderson Street.

My forbears in the Low family lived in Vinegar Close and I find it almost impossible to visualise these narrow, insanitary lanes as they once were. I wondered if you knew if any photos of these closes exist.  I suspect not - otherwise you'd probably have them on your site?"

Richard Kent, Leith, Edinburgh:  November 22, 2009

Hi Richard

Old Photos

Unfortunately, I don't know of any old photos of the closes that once stood where Henderson Street was built.  If anybody else knows of any, maybe they will email me, then I can let you know.

Old Maps

The old closes between Yardheads and Giles Street can be seen in the centre of this 1870 map.

Map of Edinburgh and Leith, 1870  -  Leith Section ©

Incidentally, Vinegar Close appears on Kirkwood's map of 1817.  I don't have a copy of that map on the EdinPhoto web site. 

['The Pace Names of Edinburgh' (Stuart Harris)]

Peter Stubbs:  February 23, 2009






Eric Drake

Old Town, Edinburgh

Thank you to Eric Drake for replying to Richard Kent's request above for a picture of Vinegar Close.

Eric wrote:

Vinegar Close

"Some of my ancestors lived in Vinegar Close, too, in the 1830s and 1840s.

Iíve just discovered that there is a picture of Vinegar Close in Volume 1 of Ironís Leith and its Antiquities, published in 1897. 

There is a copy of this book in the Edinburgh Room collection at Edinburgh Central Library on George IV Bridge."

Eric Drake, Old Town, Edinburgh:  February 8, 2011

I'd like to add a copy of this picture to the EdinPhoto web site, but first I'll have to seek permission from City of Edinburgh Libraries, or else acquire a copy of 'Leith and its Antiquities' for myself.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 8, 2011




Eileen Smith

Thank you to Eileen Smith who wrote:

William Power and Family

Henderson Street

"My father, William Power, was born in Henderson Street in 1910.   He was second eldest of 12 children born to William and Helen Power.

He was a school teacher/headmaster and taught in:

-  St. Ignatius'

St. Ninian's

St. Johns, Portobello.

 I'd love to hear from anyone who knew him or his brothers and sisters.  They also lived for years at Union Street.  Their names were:

-  Mary *

-  Rie

-  Ella

-  Patsy

-  Cathy

-  Eddie

-  Frank

-  Andy

-  George

-  Owen

-  Lily **

  *  Mary died before my father was born.

 ** Lily died when she was only 14."

Eileen Smith:  February 3, 2010

One name appears to be missing from the list.   I've asked Eileen for it.

Reply to Eileen Smith

If you would like to send a reply to Eileen, please email me, then I'll pass it on to her.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  February 3, 2010


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