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Ayton's Studio

Advert - 1900

Advert for Ayton Studio, Shipquay Place, Londonderry, 1900

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Bartlett, Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Ayton's Studio

Shipquay Place, Londonderry

Ayton Photographers

Thank you to Ian Bartlett for allowing me to reproduce the advert above taken from a 1900 trade directory.

The advert refers to 'Proprietor - George Ayton'.

QUESTION:  Who was George Ayton?

ANSWER:  Ian Bennett explains below

Ian writes:

"I have now found out that Ayton Senior died in 1900 and he left a 10 year lease on the business to his son George. I am told that there was an extensive obituary and funeral report in the local paper so I will have a look at that in the library tomorrow.

The 1901 census for Londonderry shows  Catherine 55 or 65 , a widow, as head of the household and four children, Annie 33, Marion 27, Millie 22 and George 24. Although there are some differences in age if you calculate forward from the ages given in the 1881 census."

Ian Bartlett, Londonderry, Northern Ireland:  December 16, 2007

Studio Addresses

The advert describes Ayton as being established in 1854.  Where were they established?

The advert gives studio addresses in 1900 as:

-  Shipquay Place, Londonderry.
-  Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh.

The Ayton studio at Bruntsfield Place operated from 1881 until 1940.

Photos of Studio

Thank you to Ian Bartlett who sent me the the following images:

-  a Valentine postcard showing a view looking across from the city walls to Ayton's studio at Shipquay Place, Londonderry.

-  the two photos below of Shipquay Place, taken in the 1930s:

Photograph taken in 1930s of the former Ayton Studio at Shipquay Place, Londonderry        Photograph taken in 1930s of the former Ayton Studio at Shipquay Place, Londonderry

Ian writes:

"Ayton was operating from Shipquay Place, Londonderry, by 1884.

The studio building still exists and is used as offices. A local developer has bought the site and the buildings will become a hotel & restaurant. The exterior will be retained and the glass loft that was his studio will be restored."

Ian Bartlett, Londonderry, Northern Ireland:  December 15, 2007



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