Newhaven Harbour

A summer evening in 2004


Newhaven Harbour

Newhaven Harbour  -  A summer evening in 2004

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                             Photograph taken 5.30pm,  5 August 2004

Newhaven Harbour

Newhaven has a long history of shipbuilding and fishing.  It was one of the places visited by Hill & Adamson in the 1840s.  The village still retains much of its character.  The fishwives' costumes are no longer in regular use, but they can be seen in the Newhaven Museum beside the harbour.

The small harbour has:

-  a lighthouse at the end of the pier (out of picture at left)

-  an old fishmarket (the low red building) - now in three section:

LEFT:  fishmarket  (still operating)

CENTRE:  Newhaven Museum  (opened in 1990s: still open, except for a few months from Autumn 2006 to Summer 2007, when it is being refurbished.)

RIGHT:  Harry Ramsden's restaurant  (opened 1990s.  Now closed.)

To the north-west of Newhaven Harbour (and behind the harbour in this photo) is Leith Western Harbour, now being redeveloped for residential and leisure use. 

The building above the boat's mast is a restaurant built in the 1990s.  The building in the distance, further to the right is one of several blocks of apartments being built around the northern perimeter of the site, overlooking the Firth of Forth.

Please click on the image below to see an earlier view of Newhaven.

Newhaven  -  A foggy day in the 1950s

A Foggy Day in the 1950s