Ross Fountain

Princes Street Gardens


Photograph  -  December 2003

Below are two pictures taken from the same negative.  The photograph was taken at dusk, 4.20pm, on 21 December 2003.  This was the first day of the winter that snow had fallen in Edinburgh.  The weather was cold.

 Santa was feeding the reindeer at the West End of Princes Street Gardens, close to the Ross Fountain, and a coach and horses (just visible at the right hand side of this photograph) was giving rides around the Gardens.


The Ross Fountain and Edinburgh Castle  -  Photograph 21 December 2003

  Copyright  Peter Stubbs.  Please contact                             Photograph taken 21 December 2003

Picture derived from a photograph of the Ross Fountain and Edinburgh Castle  -  21 December 2003

  Copyright  Peter Stubbs.  Please contact        Image derived from a photo taken 21 December 2003

History of the Fountain

The fountain was cast in iron by Durenne of Paris for an International Exhibition in Paris in 1862.  When gunsmith Danniel Ross saw it, he purchased it and donated it to the City of Edinburgh in 1867. 

It was shipped to Leith in 122 pieces then transferred by road the three miles to Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.  It was still awaiting assembly in Princes Street Gardens when Daniel Ross died in 1871.

The statue was described as "having 4 female figures ; seated between them semi-circular basins with consoles, surmounted by a standing figure above the basins and nymphs".  An article in 1869 described it as "one of the most elaborate and ornate structures of its class in Europe"


The fountain is now looking attractive again, following its restoration in the 1990s.  The water is now flowing again.


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Ross Fountain




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