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Masterplan to 2030

A Masterplan for Edinburgh Airport, for the next 25 years, was revealed in May 2005.  This plan will be  subject to public consultation until December 2005.

The plan proposes a 1bn expansion of the airport, in phases, more than doubling the size of the airport by 2030, and taking up land currently used for the Royal Highland Show.

-  Terminal facilities would be expanded by 2013.

-  The second runway to the north of the existing runway, would be added by 2030.

The number of passengers using Edinburgh airport is expected to increase from 8 million pa in 2005  to 26 million in 2030.

There are already plans to build a new railway station under the airport by 2009, but these have still to be formally approved.

Edinburgh Evening News  19 May 2005, pp.1,6,7,12.



Royal Highland Showground

Move across the A8

Two years ago, BAA* told RHASS* that the society would have to move its showground to the south side of the A8 by 2013.  RHASS has spent 1m in planning for a 350m move to a new 10,000 seat stadium at Norton Park.

However,  BAA have now changed their plans.  They have compulsory purchased the showground's car park, to allow them to build 15 new aircraft stands to cope with 18m passengers pa by 2020.  However, they have now told RHASS that their showground may remain at its present location, beside the airport, until at least 2020.

* BAA     = British Airport Authority
RHASS = The Royal Highland Agricultural Society for Scotland)

Edinburgh Evening News  September 19, 2008





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