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Craft Moored in Leith on the

Water of Leith

Ocean Mist

In recent years, there have been several plans for the former ocean liner,  'Ocean Mist'.  The liner is now moored on the Water of Leith, at The Shore, between Victoria Bridge and Bernard Street Bridge.

The latest plans 'Ocean Mist' are now (at November 2007) for it to become a piano bar, nightclub and restaurant complex called 'Cruz'.

Other Craft

In 1990, architect David Stamp sailed the motor yacht 'Eala Bhan' around the north of Scotland before mooring it on the Water of Leith at The Shore, to become the offices of architects, Gilmour & Stamp.

Also moored at The Shore are two office barges. A third due to arrive around December 1, 2006.

It is expected that a planning application will be submitted around early 2007 for boats with accommodation to be moored at the Water of Leith.  See below.


Future Plans

Edinburgh Evening News announced, in November 2006, plans to create floating holiday accommodation in Leith on the Water of Leith.  This has been a vision of architect and property developer, David Stamp since  he bought a stretch of the Water of Leith, extending one mile inland from Victoria Bridge (the large swing bridge over the Water of Leith at the entrance to Leith Harbour) 25 years ago.

David Stamp died in November 2006, but his business partner Fred Multon, a director of Water of Leith 2000, says that he will do his best to make this vision become a reality. 

He intends to submit a planning application for boats with accommodation to be moored in Leith, on the Water of Leith, within the next few weeks.


Edinburgh Evening News:  November 24, 2007,  p.27.