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Industry in Fountainbridge

Fountainbridge was, once a major industrial area close to the centre of Edinburgh.

-  The North British Rubber Works had a large manufacturing plant beside the old canal basin.

-  St Cuthbert's Coop had a dairy, with the stabling for their horse-drawn milk deliveries nearby

-  William McEwan's established  Fountain Brewery in Fountainbridge in 1856.  The company merged with Younger's in 1931, then with Newcastle Breweries in 1960 to form Scottish & Newcastle. 

S&N opened a new Fountain Brewery at Fountainbridge, on a 22 acre site beside the Union Canal in 1973.  The company also retained their older premises on the opposite side of the main road, Fountainbridge.

In 1995, S&N took over Courage to form Scottish Courage.

Fountain Brewery

The last remaining brewery at Fountainbridge

The North British Rubber Works closed in the mid-20th century.  The land they occupied has now been re-named Edinburgh Quay, and is currently being developed for luxury housing, bars and restaurants.

St Cuthbert's coop closed their dairy and ceased their horse-drawn milk deliveries around 1990.  They also moved their collection of stage coaches from the building beside their dairy.  The whole area has recently been redeveloped as housing.

McEwans can trace its association with Edinburgh and Leith back to 1749 when William Younger established his first brewery in Leith.  The company is still operating from Fountain Brewery at Fountainbridge, but not for much longer!

Fountain Brewery

To Close

Scottish &  Newcastle announced in February 2004 that, as part of its restructuring, it will close Fountain Brewery.

It has purchased the much smaller Caledonian Brewery in Slateford Road - a little further from the city centre, and plans to continue its production there, though much of the production will be transferred to sites elsewhere in Britain.

[Edinburgh Evening News  18 February 2004,  pp.14-15]

Fountain Brewery

Land for Sale

Scottish & Newcastle has now sold its kegging and distribution depot on the northern side of Fountainbridge and has announced that it will cease production at Fountain Brewery on the northern side of Fountainbridge in May 2005. 

[The brewery finally closed on 30 June 2005.  Decommissioning is expected to take a further six months.]

Scottish & Newcastle Breweries  -  The Yard

The company is to sell the 8-acre Fountain Brewery site, beside the Union Canal.  This is expected to be developed to provide around 500 new houses, restaurants, bars, public space and possibly a new Boroughmuir High School.

[Edinburgh Evening News  13 April 2005,  p.11]


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