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Edinburgh Refuse Depot and

New Incinerator


Edinburgh's refuse depot in Broughton Road was built in 1893.

Looking to the west along Broughton Road  -  Powderhall Incinerator, built 1893

Beside it is the incinerator, built in 1970.

Looking across Broughton Road  to the Powderhall Incinerators, built 1970 and 1893



Proposals - 2009

The Broughton Road incinerator no longer burns the refuse.  Instead, it is dispatched by rail from Broughton Road to a landfill site.

For some time, there has been talk of building a new incinerator for Edinburgh's waste.

The Evening News announced in May 2009 that:

-  Edinburgh and Midlothian Councils had chosen a site at Millerhill, Midlothian, about 5 miles SE of the centre of Edinbrugh, for a new waste management facility capable of handling 200,000 tonnes of waste a year - about the same amount as is currently produced by Edinburgh.

incineration was a front runner.  This would provide 'energy from waste'  and would avoid EU landfill fines.  However, Friends of the Earth and other groups had described incineration as a 'cheap and nasty' solution and said there should be more emphasis on reducing waste and on recycling.

-   the councils hope that planning permission will be sought in early-2010, and that the plant will be running by 2014.

 Edinburgh Evening News,  20 May 2005,  p. 17


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