Lamb's House


For Sale

Lamb's House is an grade-A listed building, close to The Shore, Leith.  Its architecture is 17th century, but its exact age is not known.   It was once owned by the wealthy merchant, Andrew Lamb.

Since 1958, it has been owned by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) who have leased it to Edinburgh & Leith Age Concern as a day centre and to other tenants

NTS is negotiating the sale of Lamb's House  to EDI, an Edinburgh Council-owned development company.

It had been expected  that the property would be developed as flats, but now EDI is coming under increasing pressure from campaigners to convert the building into a museum.

NTS say that they do not have the resources to convert the building into a museum.

Edinburgh Evening News:  July 28, 2007:  p.6.


Robb Caledon Shipyard, Leith

Lamb's House

I was interested to read Andy Merrylees' reaction to reading the note about Lamb's House above.

Andy wrote:

"When I was working for Robb Caledon shipyard at Leith, just before it closed down, they had two fabrication shops in the yard.  One of them was nicked named 'Lamb's House'.

The building itself looked like Lamb's House and was reputed to be just as old.  Workers who were in there were all in there sixties, ready for retirement"

Andy Merrylees, Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada:  August 5, 2007



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