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Proposals Announced

Proposals made by the Portobello Arts Trust, BTOTB ('Big Things on the Beach'), were welcomed by politicians, councillors and residents when they were announced at a public meeting in December 2005.

BTOTB's  proposals, costing 35m,  include:

-   restoring the promenade to its former glory

-   building a new pier

-  creating Scotland's first national maritime centre, with a simulation of the seabed of the Firth of Forth.

BTOTB hope to receive up to 25m funding towards these proposals from the lottery Living Landmarks program.  If the lottery bid is successful, building work could begin in 2007.

Valentine Postcard of Portobello Pier -  Pastel Shades

Portobello previously had a pier from 1871 until 1917.  The new scheme is being promoted under the slogan  Re-aPier.  This article appeared in the Edinburgh Evening News under the heading:

" Pier we go again at Portobello."

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